Legal, Free Music Downloads for Mac

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Legal, Free Music Downloads for Mac

Legal, Free Music Downloads for Mac

Ever since many of the major music companies sued Internet companies such as Napster, it has become very difficult to find legal music downloads for Macs, or any other computer. Music companies sent a message to the peer to peer websites, and to the consumers, that downloading music was illegal and anyone caught doing so could face jail time. However, over the years things have calmed down, and you are now able to download free legal music from many websites, including iTunes. Many music websites offer promotions or allow users to download a limited amount of free music to help promote artists, bands, and musicians.

Musical Notes

Musical Notes

Download Free Music Using iTunes









Downloading free music using iTunes is very easy. If you do not have the application, go to the iTunes website and download, then install it. Once the application is installed:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Click on iTunes Store in the side bar.
  3. Type free music into the search bar, or find the Quick Links area and click on Free On iTunes.
  4. The selection of free music will be limited, but there will be songs there available for download.
  5. Press the Free, or Download button next any music you want to download.
  6. Enter your Apple iTunes login information if required and then the song should begin to download.
  7. Once the song is downloaded, click Music in the Library area. Then double-click on the song to play it.

Download Free Music Using

While iTunes may be the most well known way to download free music for a Mac, it is not the only option. One other choice is, a music downloading application that can recommend tracks for you based on your previous choices.  To download music using this program:

  1. Access the free downloads section of the website. Browse the list of music, or click on a genre to browse a specific type of music.
  2. To get information about a specific tack, simply click on the song title. If you would like to preview the song, press the Play button. To download the song, simply click Free download via
  3. You will now have the choice to either save the file, or open it immediately using iTunes. Choose save, and select a location on the Mac to save the file. If prompted, click Save and wait for the song to finish downloading. Once the song has downloaded, browse to the location where you saved it, and double-click to play it.

Download Free Music to Mac Using 3Hive

3Hive is one other option for downloading free music to your Mac. The 3Hive team consider it to be a jukebox of different MP3s that they have listened to and enjoyed. The MP3s are linked directly to the official artists or record labels websites which makes them legal to download. Downloading music using 3Hive is very easy:

  1. Open the 3Hive website and either browse the list of songs that are posted, or use the search box to search for a specific song, band, or genre.
  2. Once you find a song you want to listen to, click on the arrow next to it to listen to a preview.
  3. If you like the song and decide to download it, click the name of the song and the download will begin.
  4. Once the song is downloaded, find it in the downloads folder and double click on it to add it to your iTunes library and begin playing it.


These are only three of the many ways to download free music to your Mac. Another way is to go to MySpace Music and AOL Music, both offer free music to their members.

There are also many websites where you pay per download. These include Google Play and, they often offer deals for new customers where they give you a certain number of free songs. Some also offer a ‘song of the day’, which allows you to download one song for free.

When searching for free music, ensure that the word FREE is under the price column, or you may end up mistakenly paying for your music.

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