Free Movies Cinema Review – Is It Legit? 

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Free Movies Cinema Review – Is It Legit? 

Free Movies Cinema Review – Is It Legit?

Free Movies Cinema is a website offering free movie streaming for primarily classic and indie films, with a library mostly consisting of indie productions with low budgets. The website is completely free and uses non-traditional movies to offer legal and free content in 10 genres including action, drama, horror, and classics.  

Is It Legit?

Free Movies Cinema primarily posts indie and fan-made productions, which means that they aren’t violating any international copyright. Free Movies Cinema also only posts movies which are listed as in Community Commons or with no licensing by the publisher. These films are available elsewhere on the Internet for free and Free Movies Cinema simply collects them.  

What’s Available?

Free Movies Cinema has a tiny library of less than 300 films divided into 10 categories. That’s pretty slim compared to almost any other option, so if you decide you like the site, you’ll go through what’s available fairly quickly.   

In addition, most movies are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and embedded into the site. This is an advantage because you won’t need Flash or any other special player, and you can rely on YouTube’s servers for streaming speed (No lag or buffering).  

What about quality? It actually varies quite a bit, usually between 144 and 720p depending on the age of the film, the uploader, and other factors. Don’t expect to see anything HD. Some modern recordings are also fairly low budget and low resolution as well so you really shouldn’t expect too much in terms of quality.  

Popcorn Recipes

While light on the films, Free Movies Cinema does offer 12 free popcorn recipes you can try out alongside your films. We did not test these, try at your own risk.  

Free Movies Cinema Ads

Free Movies Cinema uses ads but only on the site. Most are fairly low profile and not really intrusive, but also not high-quality Google ads. You may see some dating sites and download links for spammy software. While you don’t have to worry, you should make sure your antivirus and firewall are running before you load the site.  

Piracy Websites is a legitimate website but many similarly named sites are not. for example is a piracy website that offers the latest blockbusters including cam rips from theaters. Be careful which URL you are using and double check the end of the URL if you’re using Google to find the site instead of typing in the URL directly.  

Generally, if you see Hollywood releases instead of indie and low budget films, you can guess that it’s not Free Movies Cinema but a similarly named piracy site.  

What’s the Verdict?

Free Movies Cinema has some content that you won’t find anywhere else, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. With generally low quality and a small library compared to most other options, you might want to check out some of Free Movies Cinema’s competitors instead. However, if you’re a big fan of indie films and shorts, you may find something you really love here.  


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