6 Free Games For Thanksgiving Day Family Fun Time

6 Free Games for Thanksgiving Day Family Fun Time

The holiday season is beginning and Thanksgiving is upon us. This is the day that we all remember what is truly important and what we are thankful for. It’s also a time for spending time with your family and while you’re relaxing, before or after dinner, there are always fun activities you can share together, including movies to watch, and sports games to cheer on, but even funner and more interactive, there’s games to play! With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list for you of the funnest free games that you can download to help celebrate the holiday. We included free game apps that are available on both iOS devices and Android devices so everyone can have some free Turkey Day fun. Go gobble these free Thanksgiving Game Apps up and let us know which one is the biggest hit on your Turkey Day!

Free Game App 1: 8 Thanksgiving Games in 1

games for thanksgiving

This free app for Android devices includes a set of 8 games. It is a fun and educational way to entertain preschool age kids. Games include Memory, Advanced Memory, 3 varieties of Jigsaw Puzzle, and Connect the Dot. Repeat is a game where kids repeat a sequence of taps. Scratch is a type of drawing game with different modes to create unique images. With the variety of games, every kid will find something they like.

Free Game App 2: Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls

Who doesn’t like animals sounds? This free app for iOS devices includes various turkey calls. If you’re a turkey hunter, the app can help call in those turkeys. You can play a sound once or loop it for more fun. The app gives you the option to loop multiple sounds together. Gobbling turkey sounds include a cluck, cackle, and cluck and purr combination.

Free Game App 3: Mini Thanksgiving Games 

game apps for thanksgving

Another free app for Android devices is the Thanksgiving Games for Kids app. This one has 7 fun and educational mini games. In Squash, you have to crush the turkeys before they get back to the boiler. Not as easy as it sounds because you have to watch out for other ingredients that get in the way. You can drag letters to make words in the Words game. Other games include Simon or Repeat, Mirror, Word Search, Intruder, and Memory.

Free Game App 4: Match Game

Thanksgivng Match Game

This free app for the iPad is designed for ages 3-8. The educational game helps develop visual and memory skills as kids match images. Thanksgiving images include pumpkins and pilgrim hats for the kids to match. The games take from 3 to 5 minutes to complete and kids will be learning valuable skills without realizing it.

Free Game App 5: Thanksgiving Farts

thanksgiving farts

Yes, you read that right. While this free app for Android systems may not be for every family, it is guaranteed to bring laughter to a family gathering. There are 26 digital fart sounds to gross someone out or bring on the laughs and shocked looks. Again, the app may not be for everyone, and some may be offended, but this is something that kids and guys will love for sure.

Free Game App 6: Turkey Chase

chase thanksgiving

This free app for the iPhone and iPad has the nostalgic look of Atari games. The art for the game was all made on an iPhone. In this fun game, you’re the turkey and the chase is on. You have to dodge obstacles and outrun the pilgrims or you will be the main course.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect what is truly important and spend time with those who are important to us. You don’t need a lot of money to have fun with your loved ones. Pick some free apps to add fun to your family gathering. The apps can help keep kids occupied as you’re traveling to see family. You can keep track of who gets the highest score or solves puzzles quickest. The apps are a way to incorporate some free Turkey Day fun into your celebration. Whatever you do on this great family day, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the high tech society

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