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Free Fitness Tracker From Pivotal Living


Free Fitness Tracker From Pivotal Living

Most of us want to get in shape, and for many, it’s a goal for the year. Fitness trackers are an ideal way to stay motivated, but few of us want to drop $100-$300 on a wristband that tells us how fast our heart rate is going. If that sounds like you, then Pivotal Living has a fitness tracker for you. It’s free. That’s right, a free fitness tracker.

However, there is a small catch. You have to pay the $12.00 yearly membership fee in order to qualify for your free fitness band. But still, most of us would agree that $12.00 isn’t bad. They also charge shipping, which bumped the order up an extra $3 for shipping to Texas.

How Does it Work?

Pivotal Living charges $12.99 per year for their standard membership and $15.00 for their Team Band subscription. Once you subscribe, you get a Pivotal Band and access to their app for one year. At the end of the year, you have to renew your subscription, although we don’t yet know if that will be available at a discount, or if follow up Pivotal Bands will be cheaper. The Pivotal Tracker 1 ships in December of 2014.

What Does It Do?

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Like any fitness tracker, the Pivotal Living Band tracks a number of daily activities using a motion sensor. The free tracker updates steps, daily activity, amount and quality of sleep, and estimated calories burned. It also estimates your distance travelled based on the number of steps taken and your height, which you can input via the app. The band itself includes a 3-axis accelerometer, which is able to track most basic movement, when combined with the algorithms from the app, it is able to decode your movement into motion. While a 3-axis accelerometer is not quite as accurate as a heart rate monitor and GPS, the Pivotal Tracker 1 is considerably cheaper than any device with GPS.

The app also features the ability to set goals so that you can work towards them (I.E. walk 10,000 steps per day), the ability to set up teams so that you can compete with and motivate friends and family, and the ability to compare your average movement with that of other people in your gender and age group.


It would be impossible to look at a free fitness tracker and expect that it be completely without flaw, because unfortunately, even expensive fitness trackers still have issues. In the case of the Pivotal Tracker 1, that flaw is that it only uses a 3-axis accelerometer, which is a technology found in most phones. Essentially, you can get some of the same data that you would get from the tracker by turning on a fitness app on your phone and sticking it in your pocket. While it won’t track your sleep, you can track the same things in regards to motion, steps, and distance.

Why You Would Want It


If you want a simple, easy fitness tracker that won’t cost a large chunk of your paycheck, then the Pivotal free fitness tracker is definitely the way to go. At $12 or $15 including shipping, you can donate it to charity or give it to a friend. It’s incredibly affordable, and if you don’t like it or don’t use it as much as you had hoped, it probably won’t matter. The wristband makes checking your fitness easy, and the app looks very nice, even more so than many of Pivotal Living’s competitor apps. It’s not a top of the line gadget, but, for the money, you really can’t get any better. In fact, you might be hard pressed to find a decent watch for $15, let alone a fitness tracker.