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Fragbox: The World’s Most Powerful Mini Computer


Fragbox: The World’s Most Powerful Mini Computer

Fragbox isn’t the most well-known computer on the planet, but it is definitely the most powerful for its size. The miniaturized PC was first offered by Falcon Northwest, a company which works in Medford Oregon where they design, build, and ship computers right at home. With no outsourced productions, Falcon Northwest is already a very unique computer company, but their actual computer is even more so. The FragBox is a small form factor (SSF) personal computer that is mainly intended for gaming and LAN parties. The computer itself is a miniature version of the computers we know today at just 1,364 cubic inches, or roughly the size of an average shoebox.


What Can the Fragbox Do?

Falcon Northwest is now producing their second Fragbox, this one with slightly upgraded design and style, and as a note, the signature skull on the exterior is now changed to a falcon. The Fragbox itself features an Intel Core i7 Processor 6-Core Extreme Edition 3970x with 4.7GHz of speed, up to 32 GB of 1886MHz RAM, capacity for two hard discs or four solid state drives, micro-ATX motherboard featuring NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossfireX multi-graphics cards. Initial tests of the Fragbox have been pretty extreme (One person from Forbes tested using Battlefield 3 and streamed it to 3 30” screens with no problems whatsoever while others tested it in simple gaming conditions). Whatever the test, the Fragbox is definitely one of the ultimate gaming computers ever built, and also the smallest.


Special Features


The Fragbox can be customized to however you like when you purchase. From different amounts of RAM (that you can also upgrade yourself) to the option to install different internal discs (the optical drive is also included), and even custom paint jobs, you can customize the Fragbox however you like. The computer is designed to be versatile, smooth, beautiful, and powerful. The basic color comes in black, but you can literally choose anything you like.

You can also customize the interior of the computer with any of the graphics cards or cores that you like. Some of the most popular examples include switching out the graphics cards for dual NVIDIA Titans, selecting the exact type of drives in the computer, and of course, choosing built in RAID HD Backup, choosing from a variety of drives including Western Digital and Crucial (with memory of up to 2TB), BluRay or DVD, USB Rescue Drive, and even included Microsoft Software such as MS Office.

Why the Fragbox?

The truth is that most people haven’t even heard of Fragbox, let alone thought of purchasing it. While extreme gaming rigs like Alienware are popular, the Fragbox isn’t really a well-known competitor. The base model for the previous version started at about $1,600 and when configured usually cost $3,000 and up. We can expect the new model of the Fragbox to run for about the same prices, or in the same range as competitor Alienware.Fragbox

Currently both NASA and the U.S. government use the Fragbox, although we do hope that neither use this PC for gaming purposes. But what’s the best reason to look into this little computer? It offers the power of a much larger tower, and a much more expensive computer, in a relatively affordable, and very small package. If you are a gamer and looking for the ultimate in PC gaming, you should definitely give the Fragbox a look (or maybe two).

With up to 32 GB of DDR3 memory, up to 2TB of hard drive space, an available four drive space, and plenty of bells and whistles, the Fragbox is almost guaranteed to outperform pretty much everything in its size and price range for years to come.