Review of New Game, Fortress Fury, Over a Million Downloads in First Two Weeks


New Game Fortress Fury, Over a Million Downloads in First Two Weeks

Recently, I played a new mobile game on my iPhone called, Fortress Fury, that I found to be quite addictive, and because I am the nice person that I am, I thought: Hey! I should share this game with “you”.  Isn’t that lovely of me? Think of it as payback to all those Candy Crush requests I keep getting from you on Facebook. Okay, that probably wasn’t actually “you.”  And, actually, I am not sharing this to be mean and get you addicted to a new game, it’s just something that I had a lot of fun with in my very little downtime time, like doctor appointments (oh joy!), or while pretending to be interested during a history documentary on the top 20 best warplanes of all times (you have one of those guys in your house too?), and thought you may like this game too.

Before we get to the review of Fortress Fury though, there is a side benefit of sharing, I have to admit:  I will have someone else to play with, other than player number 0088xxx00900 (randomly made that up but so far they all have just a number). So hey, a win win anyway you look at it, at least for me!  I will add my player name at the end so you can find me.

What is Fortress Fury the Game?

fortress fury wait

Let’s start with the more technical description: It’s a tower building strategy game, created by a company called, XReal. Fortress Fury is the first game from this company, and as a first it’s a whopper. In just the first two weeks of its release it was downloaded over a million times and was in the top 100 downloads in the iTunes App Store.

Less technical: It’s a fun, addictive, strategy game that you don’t have to spend oodles and oodles of time playing, that doesn’t take massive amounts of planning, strategizing and building, and that you don’t have to sit and worry about it eventually being attacked and destroyed while you’re doing other things. I’ll help you now learn more about it with my comparison of Fortress Fury to Battleship.


What do Battleship and Fortress Fury Have in Common?

Think of it like Battleship, but way cooler. Why do I say Battleship? It’s the first thing I thought of while playing it (yes, I am old-school), even though it’s all about a fortress, some catapults, archers, alchemy, and a few other things you’d find in a medieval type game, and not about water or ships whatsoever. There is a similarity though, and that is your objective which is to sink and destroy, or really just destroy, your opponents Core, and to not allow them to find or destroy yours. To do that you have to try to hide it pretty well in your little fortress, and also protect it with the right materials, spells, and fighting tactics.


Hide your Core well!

Hide your Core well!

You do get a few different weapons to protect it, as well as to use of course to attack the other guy and take out his Core.Another thing that makes it a bit funner than yelling out “B-44” and hoping you hit a ship is that you have the whole alchemy aspect to play with and you get to go about crafting various things, which is always fun.

destroy game win fortress furyOf course Battleship had it’s fun points. It was always the funnest part to make a pouty face, and yell at your brother, or I mean, fierce opponent: “You sunk my battleship!” wasn’t it? But, if you really liked that, then you can just yell to yourself, or these days you could text with a pouty face emoticon, at the loss of a battle of FortressFury “You blasted my core!” See, still fun!

FortressFury Game Play, Seriously, Really


A bit more on the serious side now, here’s a little on how the game play goes once you download the game via your iOS or Android device:

review feature image fortress furyGet the game downloaded, and DO the tutorial or you’ll be totally lost. Then you’ll notice that you have Points at the top. You have 350 points in total and these are used up by placing items like your wood, brick, stone or shields, or anything you add to your fortress.


fortress fury game play pointsEach item you add to build your little fortress will have a little white number in the top right corner. That’s the points. It will take for instance, 15 points to place a Mystic Shield, and 1 point for wood, and so on. Once you have used all 350 points, you’re done, you can add no more.


Ugh, I hate this one!

Ugh, I hate this one!

At this time there isn’t a way to get more points, which sort of sucks, but maybe in the future they’ll change that. It would be a great advantage to add more things to your fortress, but it will then not be so fair as the other person has only 350 points to build with. Maybe though they’ll make it where as you get more wins, you get more points and then you can fight with equal point levels. My thought anyway.


erasing and points fortress furyIf you don’t think that you have it built well enough or think that you need more of whatever you need to win, you can erase an item and start over a bit. I do this a lot.

The next thing you will see is the green Energy Crystal at the top. You only get so many to start with for free, so be careful with them. You can buy them, and like any game these days, the purpose for buying them is so that you can speed things up and not have to wait minutes, hours or days for your game to progress.


purchase energy crystals fortress fury gameCrystals start at $1.99 for 120 and go up from there. It seems to take 2-6 Crystals to speed up a process (at least so far that I have seen) and I forget now on how many I started with, perhaps 100, and I have 23 left. In the Help section / Support, you can find more information on how to get these Crystals for free as well as other information.

speed up play purchases fortress fury

For an example on what the Crystals speed up, let’s say you want to Craft some Iron (Iron is of course a stronger element and will protect your fortress better than say, wood). It will tell you as you’re crafting that it will take XX minutes to make it, or hours. Instead you can chose to pay (just tossing out a number) 5 Energy Crystals to have it made immediately. I opted for this in all cases and as such have used up most of my crystals. I am not buying more, so we will just see how long it will take for me to get new crystals, and of that I am not sure.


crafting in fortress fury game

As for how the game play goes, anymore so than I have said anyway, I am not here to do a whole tutorial, just mainly here review it for you. Learning how to play, that’s the fun part that you have to go do yourself, and really they laid it out well for you if you watch the tutorial and go to Support, so just go through those steps.

practice fortress fury

You can play against an opponent that’s assigned to you, play against yourself in practice mode, or you can ask a friend to join you.


What Do You Think and What Did I Think?

Will you like FortressFury? Here’s my answer: If you like a game that you can log into when you want, that allows you to stretch your brain out a bit and take it for a walk after a long day, and like to have fun by kicking a little ass, then I think you’ll enjoy FortressFury as much as I did.

What do I think? I liked it, as I said from the beginning. It’s fun, addictive, and you can play it anytime and anywhere. I find it very good for getting my brain away from words (sorry Scrabble) and more into a different arena for me, building and strategy. This is really very good, say doctors and scientists, for your brain and to help it keep working like a well oiled machine.

Are there any downsides though? There are of course a few, like with any game :

Issue one: I had several times that the game told me it couldn’t get a good enough connection for me to play against someone. I had to just practice, practice and practice more, which actually turned out to be a good thing, but it can be frustrating when you are ready to play and you keep getting a pop up saying “not good enough connection” or something to that matter (see screenshot). It also tells you that if your connection isn’t good, or you lose it during battle, you lose the challenge, and well, that stinks. I found it to be nothing with my reception on my iPhone, everything else worked totally fine, so this seems to be some glitch happening. Again though, hopefully this clears up soon and that pop up won’t keep appearing.

poor network connection fortress fury

Issue two: It’s not yet very understood on how you can earn or how you can get your own energy crystals without having to buy them. It said that they would be added at times to your account, but so far, I don’t think mine have gone up. I have used nearly all of them now and see no way of replacing them other than to purchase them and if you’re big into gaming and hate waiting, and have a few bucks (really $1.99 isn’t bad), then go for it.

help and support on crystals fortress fury game

Issue three: Tutorial could be a little better. Perhaps there is a better tutorial than the one they have you go through, and if so, I apologize, but it would be nice to have a readable version. I vote that they hire me to write it, what say you? I promise, I will be seriously serious, or seriously funny, whichever me you prefer.

That’s it, just a few tiny issues, and really, those are minor for such a new game. I am sure as it continues to receive updates that it will just keep getting better.

Hopefully this review will give you a little sampling of how the game goes and that way you can see if it’s something you want to try out or not. My suggestion is, try it. It is quick to download and quick enough to play the first time to see if you like it or not. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything to try it since it is FREE.

fortress fury xreal startengine

The game creator is creating other games, I found more info is on StartEngine.

If you like this game, watch for more from the creator, because I saw that on that the creator, Jordan Maron (XReal) is running a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of creating even more addicting games in  the e-sport mobile gaming industry. We’ll have to watch and see if they’re as good as Fortress Fury, and if so, you’ll be reading about them here very soon.

P.S. Go find it and then go find me: HighTechSociety or on other games as HTSKimmy (yeah, I’m a girl). Come find me, and let’s play!

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