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The Fontus – A Self-Filling Water Bottle

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The Fontus – A Self-Filling Water Bottle

Most of us know that there is a lot of water in the air, but few of us realize how much. If you were to look up the local humidity in your area, you might see an average of anywhere from 14-60%, and sometimes higher. That’s actually the percentage of water vapor in the air, which changes based on atmospheric pressure, storms, and other factors.

Even fewer people know that you can actually harvest that water to create drinking water, but it’s a technique that’s been used for literally thousands of years. The Inca civilizations used techniques known as atmospheric water generators to collect dew and water from the air and then channel it into cisterns. Now, you can experience that technology for yourself with a new water bottle that’s set to ship in 2017.

Meet the Fontus Self Filling Water Bottle

The Fontus is literally a self-filling water bottle, which is available in two models, the Airo and the Ryde. The Airo is intended to be carried around on an everyday basis, or carried around by hikers and adventurers. The Ryde is intended to be placed on a bicycle, where it captures more water. The Ryde can generate up to 0.8 liters of water per hour in optimum climate conditions, and that’s a lot considering that the average human only needs 2-3 liters of water per day.

How Does It Work?

The Fontus uses a condensation technique to condense water out of the air and into safe drinking water. The Fontus Airo and the Fontus Ryde each use different techniques.

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The Fontus Airo – The Fontus Airo features a built in fan powered by a built-in battery which you can charge using the included solar mat. The fan draws in air as you walk, condenses that air to release moisture, and then releases the air. This is achieved using a series of small coolers, which draw the moisture out of the air, so that it drips into the main bottle. This is the same technique that causes condensation on glasses, inside of bottles, and in other situations, only deliberately controlled to produce water as quickly as possible. The bottle also includes a small capsule area, which you can use to insert re-mineralization capsules to revitalize the water.

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The Fontus Ryde – The Fontus Ryde swaps the built in fan out for the airstream generated during a bike ride, and used solar panels on the sides of the bottle to power small coolers which condense the air to create water. Like the Fontus Airo, the Ryde offers Remineralization capsules to improve the tast eof the water.

Why Would You Want It?

While Fontus is trying to market their re-fillable bottles to cyclists and hikers or adventurers, the primary goal of the bottle is for use in areas with little to no water access. Many places in Africa, India, and Indonesia have poor water access, a high humidity level, and a high level of using bicycles as a primary means of commute. This is ideal for generating water using the Fontus Ryde. Kids could bike to school and have water to drink during the day.

For the everyday person, the Fontus is a little bit more of a gimmick than anything, but it is a great way to ensure that you always have water if you’re going cycling. If you do want one, they should be available for sale after April 2017, when Fontus intends to ship their Indiegogo orders.