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FlipBuilder Flip PDF Review – Flipbook Builder Software


FlipBuilder Flip PDF Review

Flipbuilder is a professional flip book builder with powerful editing tools that allow you to create page turning books with videos, animation, photos, text, and a variety of other media right in the book. With a simple drag and drop interface, built in branding options, and online publishing with multiple themes and backgrounds, it’s a tempting sell at first glance. But, how does it hold up under a test? We’ve reviewed FlipBuilder over the past few weeks to find out just how well it works.

What Is FlipBuilder For?

Flipbuilder allows you to build digital magazines or eBooks, which you can then publish to your website, or share to social media via a link. This makes it almost endlessly useful for anyone with multi-page media to share. This might include restaurant menus, eBooks that you want to offer for free, magazines, product magazines, how-to’s, catalogs, and much more.

Download: At 103 mb, Flipbuilder will take a while to download if you have a slow connection, but it’s still small enough to download fairly quickly with normal Internet.



On a Macintosh computer, you will have to choose an installation location, and most likely submit your password, unless you have administrative functions turned off. Installation took less than two minutes on my computer, which is fairly fast, and considerably faster than the download. The installed file reads at 159 mb, which is actually quite small.


Using FlipBuilder FlipPDF


FlipBuilder’s Flip PDF is surprisingly easy to use, and so much so that it only took me a few minutes to get started with PDFs. I wanted to make an analysis report into an easy digital book first, so I did that, and it took less than a minute to import the PDF.


From there, there are plenty of options for customizing the PDF, with backgrounds, images, and more. Previews allow you to adjust and size the book for mobile or desktop view.


I could also edit the PDF itself, and then add images, add video, music, Vimeo files, and a variety of other interesting options, like clipart. It also allows me to add and edit bookmarks, which is useful for creating chapters, although I already had these in the document, and it imported them for me.


I was also able to easily import and insert my graphics, including video directly into the book, and then arrange it until I was happy with the design.


Playing around, after I was happy with the Flipbook, I found that I could insert flash introductions (Pro only), as well as a variety of other features, which all worked quite well.



Publishing allows you to quickly and easily create an HTML, app, or .exe version of your flipbook, which makes it extremely simple to save and upload onto your website. You can also create basic versions, which is really impressive for a software program to offer.


Flip PDF has a surprising number of features, especially for such a simple layout. You can easily import all of your PDF files, including multiple at once, and then convert and batch convert directly to flip books. From there, you can manually edit PDFs to add interactive media, add more features, or whatever else you want.

Review of Flipbuilder

All in all, Flipbuilder is a very easy to use program that has a lot to offer, especially if you frequently update your catalog or magazine. The ability to add animated pages, including video and shopping carts is, without a doubt, invaluable to most types of users. Built in publishing, including HTML rendering, allows you to share your flipbook almost anywhere, which is also incredibly convenient. It’s also surprisingly lightweight as a program, and didn’t tax my Mac at all while running. Essentially, it’s a great program for both beginners and anyone looking for an upgrade of their current Flipbook software.

If you’re not quite ready to buy Flipbook’s software, you can also try the non-pro version to see if you like it first. You can get your copy of the PDF Flipbook Software here.