Five Silly Mistakes We All Make With Our Computers



Five Silly Mistakes We All Make With Our Computers

Most of us are talented at something, reasonably intelligent, and usually consider ourselves pretty on top of things. That aside, many of us make some really silly mistakes when it comes to our computers. If you find yourself doing any of these mistakes, don’t worry, lots of us do them.

Here are five of the funniest things that surprisingly large amounts of people do around their computers.

Use the term PC just for Microsoft Computers – One of the most frequently heard verbal computer mistakes is the misnomer of calling a Microsoft Windows computer a PC. Unfortunately this isn’t quite correct. A PC or Personal Computer includes any brand, make, or model of computer manufactured for one person to use. Essentially, Windows, Mac, Linux, GNU, Google Chromium, and many other operating systems are all houses in PCs. The term came into popularity when computers were first manufactured for the home rather than exclusively for businesses. Today, an astounding more than 90% of computer users only use the term for ‘Microsoft Computers’.

Not Using an Antivirus – Did you know that nearly one fifth of all computer users don’t’ have an antivirus on their computer? If this is you, then you need to stop, and run to your nearest free antivirus and download it. Avast and AVG are both awesome free options. With millions of viruses and malware programs on the net ready to steal your identity, passwords, and slow your computer, not having an antivirus program is quite simply too big of a risk.

Skipping Updates – Millions of people set their computer to not download updates because, after all, who wants those pesky updates that do nothing but take up space on your computer right? Actually wrong. Most updates are security updates, which means that they protect you from flaws and holes in your computer’s security system. Others are meant to make your software or programs better, but for the most part they are security updates. This goes for browsers as well as operating systems. For example, if you don’t have the latest security patch for your version of Windows then your computer could be at risk. Or if you haven’t downloaded the latest version of your internet browser, then you could also be at risk. If you skip updates, please stop skipping and start downloading.

Drinking Over Your Computer– Statistics show that more than half of all computer users will spill at least one thing on their laptop or computer keyboard at one point or another, and usually more than once? Liquid is extremely hazardous for your computer, so you’re way better off just drinking it elsewhere. Of course, if you don’t want to get up to get a drink that’s understandable, but try setting the laptop down, turning your office chair away, or sitting upright in your chair to reduce the chances of a spill.

Using Worthless Passwords – A shocking number of computer and browser passwords are so easy to guess that they are virtually worthless. In fact, the most common passwords in 2013 were Password123, photoshop, Adobe123, and 123456. If you have any of these passwords, please consider changing it immediately. One way to get a strong but memorable password is to use the author name and last page number from your favorite book, the year of release and the first four letters of your favorite movie, or your favorite food plus the year you were born. Random combinations make it harder for hackers to guess, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t use your name and birthdate.

So, what do you think? Did you learn anything about your computer? Which of these silly mistakes do you make?


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