Five Best Math Game Apps for iPad


Five Best Math Game Apps for iPad

Apple’s family of iPad tablets are great devices for a range of things, including general website browsing, email, Facebook and even using in the kitchen to display recipes while you’re cooking. But the iPad doesn’t have to be just for us adults. In fact, there are a ton of great apps and games available on the iTunes store for children, including the following five best math game apps.

Math Vs Zombies

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Everyone loves zombies, including TapToLearn Software, creators of Math Vs Zombies, a fun new app available on the Apple iTunes store. The premise of the game is simple: the world has been taken over by the walking dead, and you’re part of a highly-trained squad of scientists, the only people with the ability to save the rest of humanity. But they can only do it by using math skills and special powers that let you treat the infected zombies and contain the threat to the world. Math Vs Zombies covers division, multiplication, addition and subtraction as well as videos that help the player along.

Math Evolve

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Math Evolve by InterAction Education is touted by the designer as the holy grail of edutainment math apps. It won both the Editor’s Choice Award and a separate award for the Best Education Game of 2011. The app helps to improve multiplication, addition, subtraction and division kills while providing hours of customizable content for kids of all ages. Best of all, it was created by actual educators for use in the home as well as the classroom. Math Evolve features a story mode that includes a number of exciting challenges, as well as a practice mode that provides a fun alternative to traditional flash cards.


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Featured by the New York Times and winner of the Editor’s Choice Award, Mathmateer allows children to pilot their very own rocket through space and engage in a number of math missions. Each mission features various touchable objects like coins, 3D shapes and stars. Mathmateer teaches kids numbers, time telling, money, shapes and basic arithmetic. The gameplay involves over 90 colorful parts for your rocket, lively music and sound effects and 3 difficulty levels.

Marble Math Junior

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In Marble Math Junior kids learn to solve a number of mathematical problems by collecting numbers as they drag a marble through a series of mazes. The game is suitable for children ages five through eight, and is a Parent’s Choice Award winner. Marble Math Junior is based on Common Core curriculum and engages elementary-age students while teaching them to practice mental math. But watch out! The game throws a number of obstacles in your math that you’ll have to avoid in order to succeed.

Mathly Hollows

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Created by 8DWorld Inc., Mathly Hollows purports to improve fast mental math skills while keeping kids motivated. The app also addresses curriculum based on Common Core, the educational standards adopted by most states in the U.S. The point behind the game is to defend an imaginary place called Mathly Hollows against monster attacks by using, and developing, math skills. Those who succeed are granted the title “Wizard of Math” and get rewarded with in-game pet monsters and friends.

These, and many other, fantastic education apps are available on the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone.

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