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FitBark Connects You to Your Dog

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FitBark Connects You to Your Dog

For most people, their dog is part of the family. It would be great to understand your dog better so that you can make sure they are happy and healthy. FitBark is an smart activity tracker for your furry friend. The wireless tracker is tiny in size but huge in features. It will help you track your dog’s activities and get real-time updates. With FitBark, you can make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and keep track of who is spending time with them.

What is FitBark?

fit bark features

FitBark is a very small, wireless activity tracker for your dog. The tracker is shaped like a dog bone and comes in color varieties of hot pink, light blue, dark grey, emerald green, and true red. It fits all sizes of dogs and easily attaches to any collar. The waterproof tracker allows you to monitor your dog’s activity as well as long-term health trends. The tracker is designed to be used anywhere.

Included in the Box:

  • FitBark activity tracker

  • Stretchable bands

  • Micro-USB cable

  • Quick Start guide

FitBark Technology

A Bluetooth 4.0 module and a 3D accelerometer make it possible for the FitBark to communicate with Android and iOS smartphones or the optional base stations that are Wi-Fi enabled. The device has machine learning for identifying and categorizing everything that your dog does each day. A standard micro-USB charger is all you need to charge your device. You can store information up to three weeks and as long as you synchronize the device once each three weeks, you will not lose any data. The device can be synchronized using any compatible smartphone.

Mobile App

fit bark activity tracker

FitBark has a mobile app that works with versions of the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy. If you have an Android 4.0+ or iOS 6.0+, you can see data that is synchronized through a base station or other compatible smartphone. The mobile app works with more than one dog and it will track each dog’s activity separately. There is no monthly subscription fee for the app.

What Does FitBark Track?

When your dog is wearing the FitBark tracker, it will monitor their activity including when they play, rest, and are walking. The device lets you see how your dog’s behavior trends by day and month. It tracks how long your furry friend spends doing each activity. You are able to tell when your dog’s habits change and they might be feeling ill. The breed specific guidelines let you see how your dog compares to other dogs in activity and rest. You can get notifications when your dog’s activity is way off from their baseline.

Tracking and Features:

  • Play time

  • Rest time

  • Active time

  • Time with caretakers

  • Dogs vs. same breed

  • Dog vs human

  • Share with vet

  • Share on social media

  • Notifications

  • 3D Accelerometer

  • Bluetooth

Connect the Family

You can use FitBark to get the whole family involved with messages to keep track of who has walked the dog or is spending time with them. The handy to-do list lets you keep track of things you have done and need to do for your dog. The journal allows you to keep a story of your dog’s life. You are able to share with everyone because FitBark supports Twitter and Facebook.

Optional Base Station

fitbark collar

The optional base station allows you to get updates in real-time when your dog is not within range of your smartphone or is not with you. The base uses Wi-Fi to send updates through a wireless router. Updates are sent to the web server and you can check online for updates. The base station can synchronize more than one dog.

FitBark is estimated to be available for shipping in Summer 2014. If you choose to preorder now at you can purchase their products at a discounted rate. FitBark’s wearable technology will transform the way canine health is monitored. It may even save your best friend’s life by relaying important information to the veterinarian.