What is an Online Shopping Glitch

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What is an Online Shopping Glitch

What is an Online Shopping Glitch?

We recently began a group on Facebook where we are sharing tips on how to save money or find freebies both online and in brick and mortar stores too. As part of that group creation we wanted to share some tips on how to find the best deals. In nearly every coupon group you’ll see people talk about glitches as part of saving money. As a newbie they then ask “what is a glitch and how do I find one?” That is what this article is answering.  To join our group you can find the link at the end of the article, but even if you don’t join, hopefully this information will help you for when searching for good deals online, including so called glitches which you’ll see in glitch or coupon groups.

What is a Glitch?

Basically a glitch when talking about online shopping and sales is when the price or discount is less or more than it should be. For whatever reason, computer or human error, the website offering the product for sale is either advertising it at a wrong price or the discount code they offered is discounting more than it should. People stumble across these and share them in groups. These glitches don’t last very long and sometimes get cancelled out altogether, but sometimes they go through and people are very excited. Another way that a glitch may happen is that the website will allow multiple coupon codes instead of only one, and at times you end up with a zero dollar balance.

One example of a discount code glitch would be a glitch from Wilson’s Leather that happened last year. The discount code was 35% off after they took off other discounts first, the glitch though was that the 35% was coming off first which made it a much bigger discount. So a coat for $400 that is on sale for half off would first get the 35% off the original price of $400 and then be cut in half instead of how it should have worked (and did eventually work) which was 35% off of $200 and any other discounts they were offering. This would have given a much lesser amount off.  They honored this glitching error for everyone and later fixed it, but retailers don’t always honor them and they don’t have to honor them so be happy if they do and don’t complain if they don’t since for many this is considered borderline theft.

There are also those that try to create a glitch which is by actually trying to find a discount code to trick the retail website and this is theft. Also, most often these glitches are not truly glitches, they are clearance. People get excited thinking they found some super discount and got away with something and it was simply clearance all along.

How to Find a Glitch

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Pricing Glitches: A pricing glitch is when the price has dropped significantly, so much so that it seems wrong. In some cases it is wrong and an error and people then take advantage of this, but in other cases it’s just a super deal and they’re cleaning out old merchandise.

For Walmart and Lowe’s, this happens often. Usually it is not a glitch, as said above, it’s just very discounted. To find out if it’s a glitch or discount, go to their online site and put the item in your cart and if the price changes it’s just a mistake and will likely not be honored. If the price changes this is usually a good discount and will go through. Sometimes it is still a glitch though and you should know that they often catch these and you won’t get the item and may even be charged full price.

For Sears and Kmart the way people say they find a glitch is usually with their Shop Your Way Rewards program. This is a free program that anyone can join. How this works is that they give you surprise points randomly and often this ends up being for the same or more than stated, for example you buy a product for $75 and they say they’ll give you $75 reward dollars (which equal out dollar for dollar). These again are usually not glitches, they are simply giving you a very good deal, but many will call it a glitch. The points are used on your next purchase and there are time limits. I’ve used this one the most and received a lot of items free through this program.

Discount code glitches are when people say they can stack discount codes. To find out if it’s a glitch, they enter the discount code and try to add another, if it works then they consider it a glitch. This isn’t always true though, as some sites allow multiple discount codes like Kohls and Jet.com.  If a code is glitching it is usually through the retailer’s app and not their website. This happens quite a bit with Victoria Secret, but again, it may be known by them and simply be a sales tactic. You should know as well that almost every time this happens it is fixed quickly and the site does not honor the glitch. Some will get their products and brag online about the steal they just got, but most often it’s found out within hours if it’s a true error on the site and you will get a cancellation email or charged full price.

Finding glitches on social media, especially Instagram, has become a big deal lately. If you want to find one a search for ‘glitch’ groups on Facebook will find you quite a few, but many are very strict and hard to join and there are a lot of arguments and bickering in them. On Instagram you find them by hashtags. The tops ones are # Glitchmafia, glitchmafia2, and rundeal. Also look for # glitch, extremecouponer, glitchdeals, pennyfinder, and coupongroups.  If you are a ghost follower, having no personal info and no posts and don’t post or like either, they don’t like to add you to their group or accept you as a follower.

Caution for Using Glitches

There are a things you should keep in mind when looking for online glitches. First of all, know that if it is truly a glitch you have to decide if that’s okay with you to use that glitch. For some they don’t care that they are taking advantage of a retailer’s error, but for others this comes down to theft.  However you feel about it, do keep in mind to be very careful when using your debit or credit card because at times they store will charge you the amount it should have been  and not what it was glitching for. Should they do this? Perhaps not, they should just cancel the order, but at times they miss it and it goes through at full price and if you don’t have enough to cover it this will certainly be a pain to deal with. You can of course dispute the charge, but if it caused you to overdraw they’re not going to pay for that.

To avoid with your credit card on any discount deal we suggest that you take a screenshot of the deal and your final checkout, and that you use PayPal to pay or a credit card that handles disputes quickly and easily. The next thing to know is that a glitch is a glitch, which is a mistake or error and as such isn’t something that has to be honored by the retailer so don’t get upset and threaten them if you don’t get something for the price you were hoping for.

Keep following us for future articles on other ways to find super good deals online and join our group to see daily freebies, and super sales we found online!

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