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Far Cry 3 Review Is Your Time & Money Investment Worth it?


Far Cry 3 Review Is Your Time & Money Investment Worth it?

By Kimberly Carver

far cry 3 review

This Far Cry 3 Review came about during a missing husband investigation. Whose husband was missing, where was he and what does it have to do with Far Cry 3? The story begins after a wife, me, hadn’t seen her husband for the past 16 hours. I decided to go find out what was so darn interesting that it was causing him to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention sleep. Sitting up in the same position he was over a dozen hours ago, I find him staring intently at the tv screen, vibrating controller in his hand and listening to some funky regae music coming from a jeep that his character is driving in the game Far Cry 3.

wild animal attack in game far cry 3

Before I can ask him if he wants to take a break and come eat something, the screeching of brakes fills the room and the music stops. Back to the screen I see that he has suddenly stopped his character’s junked up jeep and now, with an assault rifle in his hand, he starts running down a very real looking hill and into a pretty spectacular view of  trees and plants that look great for a game.

Out of nowhere, it seems to me anyway, some mountain lion or tiger begins attacking him. He switches quickly to a shotgun and with the familiar pumping and clicking sounds he begins blasting away at the animal. Blood splatters, as I guess it should when you are in a life and death fight with a wild animal, and when the fight is over, he bends over the dead beast and takes its skin. This seems to be a good time for me to ask some questions, or steal the controller, as I am now utterly enthralled in this game too.

What’s The Story Behind Far Cry 3


start of far cry 3

The story of the game Far Cry 3 opens with a young guy named Jason, his brothers, his girlfriend and some friends, all going on vacation to a tropical island in the Pacific. You get a glimpse of some of their partying and other activities before the game truly kicks into action. Your action begins when they decide to go skydiving, which then lands them in different locations on the island. They are all quickly plucked up by pirates, aka drug dealers, that think it would be a great idea to hold these kids for ransom and then sell them into slavery. So into cages you go, and it’s where you next see young Jason.

All is not lost though as Jason, assisted by his older brother Grant, escape from their cage and begin running. Grant is definitely the one leading and you see your character is nothing but a scared kid. The scared kid is about to have to man up though because within just a few minutes of their escape they are caught up to and his brother Grant is shot and killed, and despite what the game at first may make you think, there’s no chance of saving him. Jason is able to escape into the jungle and is then found and assisted by natives of the island called the Rakyat (which literally means ‘the people’ says the writer). This is where the game for you truly starts.

characters in game far cry 3

This is also where the objective or mission of the game becomes clear, which is that your character, Jason, is going to rescue all of his friends one by one, as well as join the native islanders to help them get rid of the pirates that have invaded their island. Even though you have missions to complete, it keeps the open world environment by allowing you to do your own thing too. There are side missions you can do to gain some skill points, which you can then trade for things like weapons upgrades, and there’s also plenty of opportunities for you to go off by yourself and gather the things you need to make the game more fun or to help your character prepare for his next mission.

Far Cry 3 Story, Love it or Hate it

jason brody character in far cry 3

With most games no one really cares about the story going on within it, but with Far Cry 3 there’s a love it or hate it feeling going on amongst gamers and critics, so I’ve included a bit more about the story in the Far Cry 3 Review than I would usually. For the most part players like the story line and think it adds to the game, but there are also quite a few that simply think it’s such a stupid storyline that they allow it to interfere with how fun the game is; love or hate the story, the game itself is fun.

The writer for Far Cry 3 is finding all of the comments going on in reviews and forums quite interesting and whether good or bad, he likes that it has stirred up the gaming world to get them talking about the game’s story since most gamers simply ignore the storyline.  So, what’s up with the story that gets people so far on one side or the other? You’ll have to decide that for yourself. What I can tell you is that I thought, and so did my husband, that the story was fine and added to the game play as much as any story game line does.

What You’ll See in Far Cry 3

weapons pic in game

Throughout the game you will collect and upgrade to different weapons, make wallets from animals you’ve killed and skinned and collect and use plants that allow you to heal, breathe under water and protect you from fire. As your character proceeds through the game and acquire more skills, you also see that he is no longer the nieve rich kid that spent his days partying on remote islands, nor is he the kid that was cowering in a cage when he was first captured.

Having the game be an RPG-progression type that allows the character go from regular Joe to master warrior, is something that lead designer Jamie Keen confirmed was part of the story, all in hopes of  keeping players interested during the lengthy 20+ hour game experience. According to other Far Cry 3 reviews, it’s something that for most game players is a plus.


far cry 3 native islander

As for other characters in the game, there is some interaction between him and islanders, the pirate leader, and some CIA looking dude . The voice acting and characters are pretty good, better than most games anyway.

Some of the fun things you can look forward to include tricking a wild animal into attacking your enemies, swimming through caves and breathing under water with the help of a special plant mixture, jamming to the tunes in your jeep or other vehicles, flying through the water on your jet ski, sky gliding with your special hang gliding suit, and zipping through the air on any of the many zip lines. You also get a camera which lets you find your enemies, including wild animal, easier and once you spot them your map will keep them highlighted for you so there’s no surprises.


game of far cry 3 has sharks

Once you’re in a mission though, you have no time to collect plants or wrestle with a shark for its skin, missions are timed so there’s no time for fun or collecting. That’s why before going on a mission it’s best to go throughout the island and get what you need. Once you have taken over one of the enemies camps it now becomes a fast travel spot that you can go to in an instant without worrying about the enemies returning. Once you’ve captured it, it’s yours.

Inside these safe zones you can buy or upgrade your weapons, or just use it as a place to quickly travel to so you don’t have to go all the way across the island to find what you need. When you begin you will have a map, but you won’t be able to see much until you turn on the lights at all the towers.

Is Far Cry 3 For You & is it Worth the Time and Money?

Just who will like Far Cry 3? Far Cry 3 has been referred to as a first person shooter, a role playing game, and an open world game, so which is it? It’s actually all three which makes it a lot of fun for just about everyone. Those that have played Far Cry 1 and 2 should be happy with this 3rd installment by Ubisoft. I rate this one as best in the series when comparing it overall, although Far Cry 1 was nice too.

If you have played the previous Far Cry versions you may wonder about how it compares to the past 2, well, I would say that it is more like Far Cry 1, which for me and most is a good thing. Far Cry 2 deviated a bit and had us going off to Africa, but Far Cry 3 is back to its tropical roots.

According to both myself and my other half, the game is certainly worth the time and money investments. It was fun and kept your attention. It’s also one of those games you can play more than once since you can go back and play on a more difficult level, something that is fun to do once you’ve run through it once already and now know a lot of tricks to use.

As for how others are rating it, it also is receiving high marks from gamers. Most also say that it is the best Far Cry game so far. In other Far Cry 3 reviews, some say that the game is similar to Assassins Creed III, which I agree it has similarities, but to us, Far Cry 3 is actually better. Some of the better qualities include the graphics and general feel or even the story itself. But it is just something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

If you did like Far Cry 1 and Assassins Creed III, then you should love Far Cry 3. Let us know what you think, love it, hate it? Does the story matter to you? What’s your favorite or most disliked part of the game? Far Cry 3 is available on PC, PS3, XBox 360. This Far Cry 3 review was done while playing it on Playstation.

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