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Familoop Safeguard Review – Parental Control Software for All Of Your Devices


Familoop Safeguard Review – Parental Control Software for All Of Your Devices

Most of us, as parents, worry about the safety of our children, and with the advent of the Internet, texting, and social media sites, that is harder than ever for today’s parents. With cyberbullying, a variety of content online that is unsafe for children, and rises in cyber crime, the world wide web can be a very dangerous place.

Luckily for parents, parental controls are built into many browsers and computers, as well as antivirus programs, but if you’re like most and busy, you don’t have the time to set up individual controls on every device your child has access to. Familoop Safeguard parental controls software attempts to answer that by allowing you to set up parental safeguards on one device, and then access them on all of your devices by downloading the app on any that your children use. How does it work? We’ve reviewed the app over the last few weeks to find out what it does, how well it works, and whether or not it’s worth downloading.

What Does Familoop Safeguard Do?

Internet Filtering familoop

Familoop Safeguard is a parental control app that works on most devices, allowing you to control your child’s safety and monitor their Internet usage from any device.


From the second you access Familoop Safeguard, you will immediately begin to see that the interface is absolutely gorgeous. While some apps that we’ve tried look dated or poorly designed, this one looks and feels professional from the second you download it.

It’s also easy to use, with clearly labeled buttons,

How It Works

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When you log into Familoop Safeguard for the first time, you are asked to set up user profiles, and then set safety values for each profile. When you add the user, you add in their social accounts, and then automatically track all of their devices, social accounts and more. You will have to download the app onto the device in question, but after that, it automatically logs into social accounts used by the account. When you add devices with different users, you can also add just one of the user accounts. For example, if you have a Windows computer used by the whole family, you can put parental protection on just the user accounts that the children utilize.

Once set up, Familoop Safeguard takes a few days to start working properly as it gathers information, and then begins streaming content to your dashboard. It offers the following features:

Blocked Content – You can choose to blacklist specific websites, block specific types of searches, and block content like swear words, porn, alcohol, drugs, or other information that you don’t want your kids to see. You can also use the recommended settings for different age groups, which allows you to set up with the press of a button. Because you can block specific searches, or set up notifications to get alerts when your child searches for these things, you can completely customize your experience.

Sceentime & other limits familoop

Tracking Conversations – If you’re concerned about cyber bullying, inappropriate behavior, or otherwise want to know what your child is doing on social media or their phone, Familoop Safeguard actually tracks contacts and conversations for you. You can star family members and other trusted contacts so that you don’t see their conversations. You can also set up flags, so that you immediately see if discussions included banned subjects like sex, alcohol, bullying or similar. You can flag specific friends for any of these behaviors. You’ll also be able to see when your child was talking to someone, how long they talked, and how often they talked. This works with calls as well, only you can’t see what they were talking about with phone calls.

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Locking Devices and Time Usage – Familoop also allows you to set time limits, including screen and app locks based on how much you want your kids to use their devices. This allows you to lock out specific apps like games or social media after a specific amount of use, lock the screen during specific times (Such as school days or at bedtime), and ensure that your kids aren’t using their phone or apps when they shouldn’t be. You’ll also be able to see a history of app usage as well as game time in the Activity Feed.

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Location Tracking – The GeoFence or location tracking function is incredibly valuable, especially for children with autism, or those with a tendency to wander. The phone logs geo waypoints when kids are traveling, and allows you to set up geofences for locations where your kids spend a lot of time, like school, home, or their best friend’s house. When they leave the geofence, you immediately get a notification, so you can make sure they stay safe. If they get lost, the geotagging function means that you can easily see their last location and go to pick them up.


While you can download and set up Familoop Safeguard for free, you will have to pay if you want more than one user. You can find more information on the amount on their website as their pricing plan has recently changed.

How Well Does it Work?

Familoop sounds great but how well does it work? During our test, we worked with all of the controls, including word filtering, location testing, and tracking conversations. All in all, the app worked well, did what it says it would do, although we didn’t really start seeing results for the first few days.

Is it worth the money?

If you want to track your kids online, then Familoop provides a one-size-fits-all solution for all of your devices. For us, it definitely worked well enough to justify the cost, as it’s actually cheaper than buying an individual tracking app for each device. While it’s only free for the first 10 days, you can get enough use out of it in that time to see if it’s right for you.

*Updated 6/23/15 to remove pricing amounts as pricing has changed.