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Great Alternatives to FaceTime for PC, Android and More


Great Alternatives to FaceTime for PC, Android and More

If you were to type in to the Google search bar ‘FaceTime for PC,’ you would find a lot of search results, most of them posted in forums asking if there is a FaceTime for PC. There are also a few articles here and there, and even a website, unfortunately most of them are totally wrong, or misleading. The truth is that there is not, at this time (06.2013), a FaceTime for Windows.

FaceTime is an exclusive Apple application, meaning it works only on Apple devices. Apple has said in the past that they do plan on making a FaceTime compatible with Windows, however, as for now it has yet to be seen. If you own a Mac, iPhone or other iOS device, you can use FaceTime on Mac or the other Apple devices any time you wish. It comes preinstalled on all iOS devices, including the iPad, and for the Mac it’s just a simple download that will cost you 99 cents.

What is FaceTime?

If you are not 100% sure on what FaceTime is, it’s mainly a video chatting application that allows people to talk to one another while seeing one another. It has excellent clarity in voice and picture, so it truly is a really cool thing to be able to have when you want to see the people you are talking to. However, since it’s simply not possible for those with Windows based computers to use this app, the next question would be, what alternatives to FaceTime are there?

The Best, FREE and Most Popular FaceTime Alternatives

If you do not have any Apple devices, you can’t get FaceTime but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun that it offers through video chatting. There are many video chatting applications available for Windows users, as well as for Mac users if they prefer to use something other than FaceTime. Below is a list of some of the most popular FaceTime alternatives:

skype iconSkype

If you live on planet Earth, and have a computer with internet, you have heard of Skype. Although you may have no doubt heard about Skype, it doesn’t mean you have used it, so here’s a little more info on it to help you know if it’s the alternative to FaceTime for you.

skype app

Skype is an internationally used video chatting software, which allows you to connect to anyone, anywhere, for free. It syncs perfectly with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, meaning just about everyone can use it. Skype’s features are very similar to FaceTime, such as instant messenger, voice and video chat, and conference video chatting. The video and voice quality is also great. Another cool feature is that you can share your desktop with the person you’re chatting with.

yahoo messenger logoYahoo Messenger

If you thoughtYahoo! Messenger was just for chat, you’re not alone, most people think that, even those that use it everyday don’t know about that it has a video chat option. Yahoo Messenger is a easy to use and since many people already have it, or Yahoo mail, it makes it very convenient to use. The voice and video quality is good, and as a free, easy to use app, it’s a really good FaceTime alternative.

yahoo messenger video chat

iMovicha logoMovicha

So far we have been talking about some FaceTime alternatives apps and software that works on your computer, but what about one that will work on your smartphone? Movicha can do that for you, as long as you have a 3G phone and service. Once you download it, you can talk to your family and friends anywhere in the world, at anytime you want. You can use your computer, Windows, or Mac computer, or just about any smartphone. Movicha is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. It’s also available for some other smartphone OS.

movicha app

Google plus logoGoogle Hangout

Just like Yahoo Messenger is great if you are a Yahoo email user (or even if you’re not), Google Hangout is great if you’re a Gmail user. Very convenient, very easy to use, awesome video and voice quality, and free. Google Hangout allows you to connect with friend and families on any computer, as well as your Android and Apple devices. The video calls are free, and you can talk to multiple people at once, up to 10 in fact. It’s a really great, yes I love it, FaceTime alternative for Windows and Android users, or just for anyone wanting to use a video chatting app that they know their Windows friends will be able to connect to them with.

google hangouts app

Tango logoTango

Last but really not least, is Tango. Tango won the 2013 Appy Awards as the Best Communication App, Best Texting App 2013 by, and the Must Have Apps List 2013 from Verizon Wireless, so definitely a not least as an alternative to FaceTime. This app also gets a very near perfect 5 stars by both Android and iOS users.

Tango is compatible and available with your Android, PC, Windows 7 phone, or even your iPad, iPhone, other iOS devices. It has very high quality video, and voice chats. It also has texts, photo, games, and more, all for free. It truly is an all-in-one networking app. Like the other video chatting alternatives, Tango can be used with many people at once through their Group Chat.

Tango app

That’s a Wrap!

As a director would say when finishing a video or film, “that’s a wrap!” As your director in your venture to find FaceTime for PC, and other devices, I was happy to be able to wrap up for you some really great FaceTime alternatives. Even if you weren’t familiar with FaceTime, you now have some video chatting choices you can pick from. Video chatting is so much fun, it was once seen as being such a futuristic thing, remember seeing it on The Jetson’s cartoon show? We have seen it for years, however quality has always been an issue, but finally it’s here, a way to see our friends and family while we talk to them over a free connection, anywhere in the world.

It’s truly one of those wonderful technological advances that people everywhere can benefit from. It can be used to connect with your kids while you’re away, or your grandchildren that live, well anywhere, or it’s also really an awesome tool for your business setting as you can have a conference with everyone there, even if they’re not really “there.” Those are a few of my favorite ways of using it, not yet on the grandchildren part, but one day when they come I love knowing that I will be able to see and hear them using video chatting apps. What about you though? What do you, or what would you use these apps for, who would you like to see and talk to?