Facebook Video Profile, What is It & How to Make One

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Facebook Video Profile, What is It & How to Make One

Facebook Video Profile, What is It & How to Make One

Some of us have already seen the occasional video profile floating around, with a short GIF like video clip replacing the profile photo. Whether you like it, hate it, or don’t care either way, it’s a new Facebook feature that’s likely here to stay.

For now, Facebook video profiles can only be uploaded through the iOS version of the app, but will soon come to Android. If you want it now, all you have to do is borrow an iPhone from a friend, log in, and you’ll have the feature.

What is It?

Facebook video profiles are a video clip profile photo set on a loop. You can record a maximum of 7 seconds of video, add whatever audio you want, and then upload it. Clips support audio, and they autoplay, which is something to consider when choosing your music.

You can also make shorter clips, more like gifs, and can make videos of multiple photos to have a slideshow instead of a clip.

What Can You Do With It?

You can do a lot with video in 7 seconds. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Vine, which consists of 6 second videos. You can include yourself, your family, your pets, something funny, or anything else you like, although it should remain family friendly.

How to Record A Video Facebook Profile

Facebook does allow you to record a clip directly on the app, but once you click okay, it goes directly to your Facebook. Tap ‘Edit’ on your profile photo, ‘Take a New Profile Video’ and record video using your FaceTime Camera. You can say hi, talk, or just move around for the video. It will automatically stop and play back at 7 seconds, so you can decide to edit, publish, or delete your recording. This option offers the least control, but is a great way to upload a quick, authentic message to your profile.

You can also upload a video you’ve already recorded. Use your camera phone, use a camera and transfer the data to your phone, or consider something you already have.

If you want it edit the video, Splice is a great free app that you can use to edit, fast forward, montage, create slide shows, and add audio tracks right on your phone.

How to Create a Facebook Video ProfileIMG_5128

Go to your Facebook profile on an iOS phone using the iPhone app (not the browser). Make sure you’re logged in. Hover your thumb over the profile and tap the change profile photo option that pops up. Click ‘select video’ and choose your clip from your videos. Keep in mind that if it is longer than 7 seconds, you won’t be able to upload it. Your video will take a few moments and sometimes minutes to process, and then everyone will be able to see it.

Things to Consider

Your Facebook video profile is completely public

Your Facebook video profile is completely public

Your profile video, like your profile photo, is completely public. This means that anyone can see it, including prospective employees, your family, and strangers who check out your profile after seeing a comment you made on a celebrity status. Essentially, it’s public information and anything in the video should be something you’re comfortable with the world seeing.

Keep in mind that you can also include audio, and it doesn’t have to be music. A quick hello to friends, an message to your Facebook, even your graduation speech would do.

What We Think About Facebook Video Profiles

The Internet is definitely moving forward, and while video profiles might seem unnecessary and gimmicky, they do make profiles more interactive. For example, most people look fairly different in a photo still and when moving. Video profiles could be more accurate, more entertaining, and offer more insight to your personality. Will everyone use them or love them, of course not.

Should you make one? Why not? If you don’t like it, it’s easy to delete and never speak of again.

What about pages? For now, the feature is only available for profiles.

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