Be a God in Facebook Games with GodZ

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Be a God in Facebook Games with GodZ

Be a God in Facebook Games with GodZ

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Want to be a God on Facebook? There’s an App for That!

By Kimberly Carver

Thinking there are already plenty of Facebook games and other social media games online? It’s true that there are an estimated 2000 plus Facebook games, but is that really too many or is there room for another? With 20 million apps, mostly games, installed every day on Facebook, and over 1,000 links shared every 20 minutes, many to tell their friends about the game or ask for help in play, one more social media game couldn’t hurt, right? Especially if you want to be a God, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to give that a go!

Which is good news, since the two people that started with the idea of this particular social media game, called GodZ, began it as a dream venture, one dream they worked hard to make come true. The makers of GodZ, a new IT company called Yucca Tech, think that Facebook users will love their new social strategy game, so much so that they are spending a lot of money and a lot of time in trying to make it an instant fan favorite.

GodZ Soon to be New in Facebook Games List

This new game for Facebook is said to be a bit different than the rest of the social media games, as the creators say that it is a social media, role playing, strategy game. Who will like the GodZ game though? You may like the new game GodZ for Facebook if you have a God complex, but you don’t have to have a God complex, you may just love social media role playing and strategy games, especially ones that you get to play all powerful beings on.

From their website about GodZ: GodZ is a “real free-to-play strategy game inside a social network where you play as a God to collect many believers and increase your power. Godz itself is a race of divine creatrues that are living among many universes and worlds. It is a game born from ancient mythology stories. This story embraces the creation of many universes, many worlds and  a new mythology which presents us with a race of divine creatures called GodZ.”

The creators of the game say that as Manga fans they like the Manga style of character art, so they designed their game with a Manga type concept but also added a bit of Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures with a touch of technology to top it off. They call this new design style, Mayatech. For these characters and the story line they follow, the makers (admitted nerds), even created a language for GodZ. Their language for GodZ is called Gomrha, which they say means “Sky’s People Language,” stems from what they say is the first known human language called Nostratic.

What is the GodZ Story Line?

What the GodZ story line is about, and game play, is best put in the words of the creators since it has yet to be released so that we can have a chance to play it and then describe it. From their description, the GodZ game is illustrated as this:

“Unleash Your Power” is the motto of GodZ – the first strategy game made by Yucca Tech to Facebook. In GodZ, the player will have the power of one of the 3 gods that defeated Afexha, the goddess of death and the big villain of the GodZ world.

GodZ story begins in an earlier era – before the game’s timeline – when a universe with two powerful creatures was created, the first GodZ: Kesha, god of life, andAfexha, the terrible goddess of death. From the conflict of these two, three new GodZ appeared: Sasha the goddess of love, which is beautiful and malicious; Thon, god of fire, is magical and daring, and Sanon, god of war, fair and relentless. This is the starting point for the game.

The players must choose one of the three GodZ powers, develop its city, fight and conquest friends territories.  The player will have to establish a religion or join one that already exists, and must gather the biggest number of believers to strengthen his power.

GodZ is more than a typical and common social game. The game has a big strategy and RPG component. Unlike all other social games, this game will have an end. Regardless of the course or the actions that the player makes throughout the game, there is a parallel story that unfolds in chapters. Each chapter tells part of GodZ story. When a chapter ends, the player enters a new game phase.

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Where’s GodZ Now?

If GodZ sounds like a fun new addition to the Facebook games list, you will get your chance to play it soon. It will be up and ready to play in mid March on Facebook. Till then you don’t have to sit and stalk their Facebook page for more details, you can actually interact with them on their FB page and learn more about the social network game before it comes out. This may give you a leg up on any of your Facebook friends that later decide to play this game too.

On their Facebook page there is a comic strip that you can follow that is explaining the story line of GodZ, “starting from the beginning of all and the creation of the 5 most ancient GodZ.” You can also interact with them about the comic strip, as they ask their fans questions and seem to consider the answers in where the story may go next.

facebook game godz character female

Want to Help Yucca Tech Finish the GodZ Game for Facebook?

This is the first of four games from Yucca Tech to be released in the next 2 years on Facebook. This project was awarded with a European fund: the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) of 500.000 euros, but they do also need help in completing the game so they recently began a 30 day campaign to raise money for GodZ on KickStarter.

If you want to help you can donate some dollars and in return you will be able to play their Beta version so that you’re ahead of the game (pun intended). This project will only be funded if at least £47,000 ($75,000) is pledged by Wednesday Feb 27, 9:33am EST.

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Until it’s released later in March you can follow the development and learn how this new social game is played by visiting them on Facebook: or via Twitter:

Let us know what you think about the game when you visit their site. Does it look like something you will play on Facebook? Are you thinking about helping them get GodZ through to completion by donating some dough? We love to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think about Facebook games, GodZ or Yucca Tech!

Want to know more about the company behind the new game? Read about the new IT Company Yucca Tech and how their social media games dream is coming true.

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