Dominating Facebook EdgeRank to Increase Traffic & Views on Your Page

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Dominating Facebook EdgeRank to Increase Traffic & Views on Your Page

Dominating Facebook EdgeRank to Increase Traffic & Views on Your Page

Facebook EdgeRank is a term that surprisingly few people are aware of. However, it becomes increasingly more important as Google turns more and more towards social interaction as a method of calculating SEO.  Unfortunately for anyone who didn’t know how or didn’t want to use their social in the past, your SEO can now suffer from it. However, even if you get virtually no interaction or traffic on your Facebook page, it’s not too late. You can still learn about Facebook EdgeRank, learn how to dominate it, and get more traffic to your page, which means more traffic to your site.

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So What is EdgeRank Anyway?

You probably know that there isn’t enough room on a Facebook timeline to show every post. Between an estimated average 120 friends per person and the any number of pages that a single person can like, there is simply not enough room. Most people post 1-20 status updates per day and many pages post 1-5 posts per day. Combined, this can lead to a Timeline wall that is constantly moving and updating, and there isn’t enough space for everyone.

Enter EdgeRank, Facebooks algorithm for deciding who shows up on a wall. EdgeRank, like SEO algorithms, remain a secret, but there are some pretty good ideas about how it works. EdgeRank determines a person’s interest in your page by their amount of interaction, how quickly they interact, and the type of Interaction. A share counts for more than a comment, and a comment counts for more than a like. Share’s, which tell Facebook that the person is very interested in what you have to say, are the most valuable because they increase your Edgerank and your reach by allowing your fans friends to see your post. According to Facebook this calculated by using the following algorithms.

  • User Affinity (How much each user likes your page)
  • Time Decay (How quickly people interact with posts)
  • How Your Content is Weighted (How much interaction each post gets)

Essentially, the more each user interacts with your page and the more frequently, the better your EdgeRank. The percentage of your fans who interact with your page is also important because it means that more people are interested in your page than not.  So, let’s get started on learning how to up your Edgerank to get more pageviews and interaction.

A Simple Request

First, Facebook is now automatically setting page likes to include ‘most posts’. You can post a simple request on your Facebook wall asking people to visit your page and change this setting to ‘All Posts’.  You can do this using the following table listed below.

Facebook EdgeRank

While this does not ensure that every person will see your post, it does ensure that more people will see your posts. You can post the photo on your wall and encourage shares so that people can see that they have to do it not only for their page, but any page that they like.

EdgeRank Domination Tactics

Nothing can guarantee that you will get space on someone’s Timeline. Facebook uses an advanced algorithm of factors to decide who gets to see your posts. If you have a low EdgeRank you might have over 360 fans and only get an average of 20 views per post. If you have a higher EdgeRank, you might see as high as 300 views per post. As you can see, EdgeRank actually means more than having fans in the first place.

Encourage Interaction – The more interaction you get the higher your Edgerank. While you can’t ask every person to ‘like’, ’share’ and ‘comment’ on every post, you can do it on the important ones. Statistics also show that photos get a great deal more comments and shares than do simple status updates. You can encourage interaction by posting pictures regularly, only posting interesting things, and by liking and commenting on your page updates from your personal profile.

If you are desperate for interaction you could also consider paying someone to like and comment on all of your posts. However this is not usually a good idea because you get very little for your money, especially if you are not selling anything. In addition, Facebook most likely frowns on this sort of behavior as it is sort of ‘Black Hat Social Media Optimization’.

Post at the Right Time of Day -You probably know that most people are online at about 3-5 during weekdays. You know this, and so does everyone else! Try beating the crowd, or posting at 4:30 or 4:45, or even 5:15 instead so that you’re not competing with everyone else for Timeline space. While you might not get as much potential for view, you have much larger chances of coming up on a timeline because less people are posting at once. By the same idea, you can try posting during lunch instead of before (many people actually check their Facebook during lunch), you just have to make the post interesting to someone who might have a sandwich in their other hand.

Don’t Be Boring – No matter what you do, don’t be boring. Never ask too much of your fans, and never presume anything. Offering something in exchange for likes and posts can be a great way to increase optimization for your EdgeRank as well. For example popular cartoonist The Oatmeal recently offered to draw some of the people who commented on his wall, he eventually drew 10 and had over 10,000 comments which had to have been good for his EdgeRank. George Takei (actor who played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, comedian, and activist) posts humor interspersed with calls to action for important posts. His EdgeRank is one of the highest on Facebook so you might get a few tips by visiting his page. A couple of basic rules include don’t post anything trivial, if you wouldn’t like to see it on another page, don’t put it on yours. Only post items that you yourself would be happy to comment on, and don’t be over promotional. You want to encourage fans to share, like, and comment because they want to, not because they feel obliged to.

While there is no way to guarantee your EdgeRank will go up, there is a lot you can do (and should not do) to get more interaction which leads to higher EdgeRank and more traffic.

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