Event Planning & Management Made Easy with EventWith

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Event Planning & Management Made Easy with EventWith

Event Planning & Management Made Easy with EventWith 

EventWith is a new website and soon to be Android and iPhone app that helps users to quickly and easily plan events of any kind. From birthday parties to larger scale events, the website includes easy planning features to help plan and distribute tasks for an event. The software is aimed at everyone and can be used to include a range of people, tasks, and options.  The following features include everything that can be done with Eventwith.


Creating an Event

Creating an event with EventWith is as easy as logging in via a social media site such as Facebook or signing up with an email address. After signing up, you will be immediately greeted with a how-to video which explains how to ‘create the perfect event’.

  1. Enter Event details & Description
  2. Set a location
  3. Invite friends through Facebook or email

You can choose to suggest multiple event locations and multiple dates and then allow your guests to vote on the best one. The location and time with the most votes can easily be chosen as the best option. Friends and guests can be added via Facebook and email. Importantly, you cannot skip any of the steps or the app will not let you go to the next step.  Another note is that events can literally be planned from anywhere on the globe, a quick look at the ‘locations’ option shows that you simply type in a location and it brings up a city based on your search. You can also chose to start and manage multiple events at the same time.

Managing an Event with EventWith

Event management is where EventWith really shines. EventWith’s management area is something of an event management social mini-site accessible to each person invited to the event. As the owner of the event, you can set a budget to either ‘no budget’, ‘guest indicated’ meaning that the guest says what he or she paid, or set the amount that the event will cost and then divide it evenly among the guests to be paid by them. This latter can be chosen as ‘per event’ or ‘per guest’.

Task management is another important feature of Eventwith. The website offers unique task management tools that include assigning tasks (such as purchasing tents or cleaning a grill for a barbeque or even hiring entertainment for the wedding). Tasks can then be assigned to a single person or assigned out among guests as a to-do list. This sort of task management is especially important for options such as BYO events such as pot-luck dinners or etc. Anyone who is assigned a task will be reminded of that task before the event. You can also create an event checklist that everyone can work on, or that can be assigned out among the guests.  This allows for easy task and item management, and also allows for easy budget sharing and management so that everyone can see who is contributing, how, and how much.

 Review of EventWith 

EventWith has its pros and cons but for the most part it is a very easy to use and free site that a lot of people can benefit from. The biggest problem with the site is that it is not currently available as a mobile app which limits its functionality. Tasks assigned are also somewhat simple and could benefit from having category options such as ‘to-do’s, ‘shopping lists’, or etc. but as is, they still work quite well.

The pros of EventWith include that it is a free to use, easy application that can be used to organize events. Sharing tasks, inviting people, and being able to communicate on a single page would make organizing events, charities, memorials, and more that much easier simply because it is easy to see what you have to do, who is doing what, and when, where and how the event will take place.

Once in app form, EventWith should be a must-have app for anyone.  Visit them at their website here to get started.

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