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Anti-Virus Software: ESET Smart Security 6 Review


A Review of ESET Smart Security 6 Anti-Virus

Most anti-virus protection packages offer very similar features.   You expect certain features to be included in anti-virus programs.  Some programs have extra features or tools that enhance the program. ESET Smart Security 6 Anti-Virus is one such program.  What makes this program stand out?  The anti-theft feature that comes with it.  This allows you to locate a laptop that is missing along with the tools to assist in recovering the laptop.  The all-in-one internet security program is compatible with the Windows operating system.

ESET Installation

eset install

The installation process is easy and comparable with other anti-virus programs.  Because of the anti-theft feature, part of the initial installation is configuring the settings for this feature.  You link the online ESET account with the computer so you can launch protection commands if it is stolen.  You create a phantom account as part of the anti-theft protection.

Pricing of ESET dollar sign

Several different pricing plans are available for ESET Smart Security that depends on the number of computers and whether you purchase it for one or two years.  You can purchase the program for one to five computers for one or two years. Purchasing prices vary from $59.99 for one computer/one year to $179.99 for five computers/two years.  There’s also a 30-day free trial available.

Features of ESET

ESET has many features but the one that stands out and makes it a bit different from your usual anti-virus protection – is the anti-theft feature.  This program also protects your online identity, protects your device from threats while you browse the internet, has parental controls, and has various modes that preserve power for those programs that you use often.

1.  Anti-Theft

eset anti theft

The anti-theft feature of ESET is accessed online and will help you locate your lost laptop by showing you its location on a map.  This feature has location tracking so you can mark your laptop as missing at the ESET online account.  The system will automatically monitor activity and show the location on a map when it comes online. The laptop activity watch lets you watch the person using your laptop by turning on the web cam.  When you mark your laptop as missing, a signal is sent to reboot the device and the phantom account you set up during installation is the only thing it will access.  This protects all your personal information on the device.

2. Personal Firewall for Online Identity Protection

eset firewall

This feature or ESET uses a personal firewall that stops hackers from accessing your computer and personal information.  It uses anti-phishing to keep fake web sites from getting personal information.  You have removable media control to block unknown USB, DVD’s, and other media plus it stops your personal information from being copied to external devices unless authorized.  You have better protection when connected to public networks with the out-of-home network, which keeps you invisible when on public networks.

3.  ESET Smart Security

eset smart security

The Smart Security feature uses cloud-powered scanning for protection.  This also uses their online file for safe sites.  It gets rid of threats from viruses, spyware, worms, and rootkits with the anti-virus and anti-spyware proactive protection.  The host-based intrusion prevention system in Smart Security stops unauthorized changes to programs by acting as a firewall to your application.

4.  Preserves Power for Programs

Gamer mode automatically changes protection to silent if gamer is in full-screen.  Resources for videos, presentations, or gaming are preserved.  The battery-saving mode will delay all pop-up windows, system-demanding activities, and updates.  It lets you stay unplugged longer while staying online using the preserve system resources.

5.  Parental Controls

eset parental control

The ESET program comes with parental controls so you can keep your kids safe online.  You have options you can set for each child and can adjust settings to age appropriate settings.  To ensure changes are not made to your settings, you can use the password protection option.

6. Customize the Program

eset customize

You have over 150 options on how you customize your security profile with ESET.  The advanced settings let you specify the security settings to your specific uses for protection.  There are options for in depth scanning.  You can set scan times and set your computer to shutdown, sleep, or reboot after a scan.

Pros and Cons


  • Anti-Theft Feature

  • User Friendly

  • Personalized Scans

  • Game Mode

  • Does Not Slow Computer

  • Personal Firewall

  • Social Media Scanner


  • No Online Backup

  • Limited Parental Control

  • Can Have Issues Installing on Infected Computer



ESET Smart Security 6 Anti-Virus and Anti-Theft is a good program.  It has all the basic features for blocking and removing a virus and malware.  It also has the anti-theft feature that lets it stand out from the rest.  It is easy to use and does a good job finding and removing malware.  The price may be a bit above other anti-virus programs but the anti-theft feature is also included in the price, making it a good value.

You can get their free trial by clicking the ESET icon below: