How to Easily Make Gold in WoW Legion

How to Easily Make Gold in WoW Legion

Let’s face it; for most of us, making gold in World of Warcraft is one of our primary goals. After all, with the new mounts, pets, and toys that are available to buy, you need a lot of gold. For example, this awesome spider mount only costs a measly 2 million gold.

What the still doesn't show you is how it twitches as its idle animation...

The newest gold sink in Legion: The Bloodfang Widow Mount. Cost? A cool 2M gold. [Photo: Wowhead]

Even if you aren’t after the latest and greatest gold sinks, accumulating gold has another very real world benefit. With the introduction of the WoW Token, you can make the game essentially free to play. If you make about 30k – 40k gold per month, you can buy a token that is good for another month of play. (See our write up about the Tokens here)

leI’ve managed to make enough gold to comfortably prepay my account into next year. As you can see from the screenshot of my game management page below, this account has time until May of next year. (Yes, I am a nerd. I have two World of Warcraft accounts.)


Time is Money…I Mean Gold

So, how does one go about making this much gold in a month? Honestly, Legion makes it very easy, provided you’re willing to put a little bit of time and effort into gathering materials for people who don’t have the time or energy to gather their own.

See, right now, the first raid, Emerald Nightmare, was just released last week. So that means that the WoW player base that is into raiding is in the second phase of the raid-based economy. Essentially, there are three phases to any raid-based economy for any MMORPG, especially when there is a new expansion.

Phase 1

The first phase is the gear acquisition phase. During this phase, BoE rares and epics will command premium prices as players gear up for the raid and upper tier dungeons. Player crafted gear is also at a premium because of its scarcity. People are too busy leveling to put time into crafting, and with limited supply comes higher prices.

Phase 2

The second phase is the consumable phase. This happens once the raid opens. This is where potions, elixirs, gems, and enchantments will command the highest prices. Prices for BoE and player crafted gear are still high, but not as high, especially because equally powerful gear has started to drop from the opened raid. However, because most players are still focusing on powering up their gear, they haven’t invested the time into crafting yet. This gives alchemists and enchanters (and to a lesser extent, engineers), a chance to make serious gold.

Phase 3

The third phase is the phase where everything settles down. Prices become normalized as more players provide raw materials in the form of plants and ore and other players start to flood the market with the consumables. This phase remains until the end of the current expansion, regardless of the new raids opening up.

Follow These Tips Using Gathering Professions

As we said, we’re in the second phase. So to make the gold, you want to be an herbalist or a miner. Or, you can choose from jewelcrafting, enchanting, or alchemy. Let’s break it down for you on how gathering professions are still where you’re making the most this phase.

A single flask requires 7 Starlight Roses and 10 of two types of herbs. For example, the Flask of the Whispered Pact needs 10 Fjarnskaggl and 10 Dreamleaf.

How many flasks does it take to get a Tier 3 recipe? The world may never know...

A typical Alchemist, working to get Tier 3 recipes

Taking the US Mean Price, or the average, on the Flask of the Whispered Pact, we can break the material requirement down like this:

Do you use TheUndermineJournal? You should.

Do you use TheUndermineJournal? You should.

A flask costs 2343.47 to make. (1276.87 for the Starlight Rose, 851.10 for the Fjarnskaggl, and 215.50 for the Dreamleaf). They sell for 2187.37. That means by selling the raw materials on the auction house instead of making the flask, you’re making 156 more gold per flask. Of course, the three herbs are found in three different zones. Flying to each zone takes time, and that’s time you could be spending making gold in the game. This is true for every flask in game currently. The materials cost more than the actual end product right now.

Now consider if you spent your time farming just Starlight Roses in Suramar. Focus your efforts around Irongrove Retreat, a flightpath in the northwest section. This is one of the best areas we’ve found to collect them. Just run in a circle in this area, and in an average hour, you can farm up about 100 starlight roses. That translates to roughly 10k per hour at current prices. Best of all, if you advertise in trade that you’re selling 100 roses at 100g each, you’ll have buyers spamming you to get them. If your herbalist has another gathering profession like mining or skinning, you can also make a little extra on the side.

However, if you haven’t progressed that far in Suramar, there are two reasons we’d recommend that you pick up mining instead of skinning. The first reason is because when you kill mobs in Suramar, most have ancient mana. While you will eventually increase the amount of ancient mana you can carry, at first you have a cap of 300. Because it’s considered a currency, there isn’t a way to dump it or throw it away. So at some point, you’re going to be unable to skin mobs because they still have loot on them in the form of this mana, rendering your skinning ability useless.

The second reason is because all of that ore has a ready purchasing base. Jewelcrafters need lots of ore to prospect for their gems. While you won’t make a ton of money, you’ll make enough to make it worth your while. Better yet, if you have an alt that does jewelcrafting, you can prospect your own ore and make more money that way.

With these tips, you shouldn’t have any problems spending an hour a night running around farming Starlight Roses and getting enough gold to pay for tokens or whatever else you want within reason. If you’re looking for other great ways to earn gold in Legion, watch for our upcoming write ups on how to play the Auction House to your advantage. Do you have any special tips for getting gold? Let us know in the comments below.

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