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Dust 514: An Addictive New Massive Multiplayer for PS3


Dust 514: An Addictive New Massive Multiplayer for PS3

Dust 514 or Eve Dust 514 is a first person shooter (mmorpg) game created for Playstation 3. The game opened for open Beta as of January 22nd and is currently available for anyone to play and test for free. Currently it is being praised as one of the most innovative and complex games ever created and could be the future of gaming. Currently the Dust 514 release date has not been announced but we will update here as soon as it is available. For now, players can try out the open Beta.

Dust 514 World

Game Setting

Players of Eve Online will instantly recognize the backstory and the universe of Dust 514. The game setting is the same as that of Eve Online, featuring a sci-fi galaxy colonized by man after humans used up all of the earths resources. Star tech used in TV shows today such as faster than light travel, wormholes and more allow colonies to be built in galaxies around the universe, each eventually becoming its own civilization. In Dust 514, there are 5 remaining civilizations, each with future-tech capabilities including the ability to clone in order to prolong life indefinitely. The major differences between Eve Online and Dust 514 gameplay are that instead of being immortal pilots, Dust players are immortal ground soldiers, and where and how combat takes place. (In the original Eve Online game, only pilots could be immortal, the ground soldiers in Dust 514 are immortal due to an implant).

Dust 514 Gameplay

With a fantastic backstory interlinked with another game, it could only stand to reason that the gameplay would be somewhat similar as well. Attack methods including skill strikes all play out similarly to Eve Online. Furthermore, all game action is played out on planets already introduced in Eve Online, so gamers looking to explore new places might be slightly disappointed.

The goal and gameplay of Dust 514 is to fight over control of factions and sectors of planets, many of which contain resources necessary to stay alive or to achieve a goal. The game will also interlink with Eve Online where Eve players can pay Dust 514 players to fight for them in bids to take over planets. Eve Online players can also ‘help out’ friendly Dust 514 players with ‘friendly bombardments’ should they be within a 100 meter range of a local satellite on the same planet. Despite this, Dust 514 players will also be able to take control of planets for their own gains.

Gameplay focuses on a team with a  command leader who leads from the Mobile Command Center (MCC). The commander is in effect a strategist and is mostly playing a real time strategy game rather than a first person shooter, although if the situation calls, the commander can employ weapons and skills for attack and defense purposes.

CCP games has also confirmed that there will be a survival mode released later in the year that will pit players against computer controlled Drones.

Dust 514 Character

DropSuits & Skills

Dust 514 introduces a ground based attack format with a wide range of skill sets. Players are fitted with a dropsuit that uses a range of slot to outfit weapons, survival gear, and equipment. Players have the ability to focus their skill training to learn skills specific to tasks or positions on the battlefield and for multiplayer options, to fulfill different positions in a regiment. Skill training is highly similar to that in Eve Online, however, the creators of the game suggest that it would take as long as 7 years for one gamer to fully master all of the skills in Dust 514, and that it was not intended for single players to learn all skills. Instead, players should work together as a team, strategically learn skills, and become specialized in their own skill set.

Dust 514 Prometheus


As a ground based attack game, there are a variety of vehicles available in Dust 514. Most require payment to acquire but some such as the light assault vehicle are free to use for beginning players. Vehicles can be used to travel, move teams, and as actual assault vehicles as many are outfitted with heavy artillery. Perhaps the most familiar to players is the ‘Prometheus’ which really does look like it could be a creation of H.R. Geiger based on the Alien film trilogy. There are currently ten different vehicle classes but only eight are available upon game startup. Among those are a range of different vehicular models which add further complex customization options.

Dust 514 Personal Autocannon

Weapons & Armor

No MMORPG would be complete without a range of weapons and Dust 514 does not disappoint. With a range of infantry and vehicle weapons available, players can choose almost anything that suits their style. Options range from high tech knives to auto-cannons and can be purchased using in-game earned ISK or Aurum which can only be purchased with real money. Notably, players will not be able to ‘pay to win’ but can pay to get exclusive armor and weaponry, to paint vehicles, and other ‘cosmetic’ changes.

Extensive Game Interaction

To date, Dust 514 is one of the most complex first person shooter games ever created. With complex game interaction between other characters, the ability to fight and play in teams, and the ability to work with people in other games, Dust 514 gives you the ability to truly work on and specialize your game character. Because the game happens in real time, missing a battle could mean missing a great deal.

Because there are a great deal of different ways to take a character, specializing and working with specific skills add completely new levels of player customization. Gamers can also choose to spend real money for upgrades and customizations, but it will not give them any significant advantage over other players.

Dust 514

Dust 514 is essentially the most complex free-to-play game ever created, and perhaps the most interactive game ever. Gamers can choose to play for 100% free of charge without purchasing in-game anything. The cons of Dusk 514 include that it will be very time consuming, require steady play in order to make any headway in the game, and will usually require extensive interaction with other players. The pros are that it is a constantly changing battlefield with a rich backstory, plenty of players, and a great deal to do and learn. CCP games is already planning the first expansion to be released sometime after the game opens for play. Currently Dust 514 is only available for PS3 and PS Vita, although it could later be available for other platforms.