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Dragon Naturally Speaking Review


Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

I decided to write a Dragon Naturally Speaking review after using the software for personal use for about six months. You can read about what the software does, how it works and whether or not you should buy it in my review.

Dragon Naturally Speaking, also sometimes known as Dragon Dictate, is a voice to text dictator that offers professional quality and claims to be the most accurate computer dictation tool on the planet. I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 (Home Edition) for my own personal use and I’ve had it for about 6 months.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Price

Dragon Naturally Speaking comes in a variety of price ranges with the older versions being more affordable. My version that I am writing this review for, Dragon Naturally Speaking 12, cost $70.56 while the Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 can sometimes be purchased for as little as under $30.

Seeing as I’m a bit of a power user and this promised to let me give my fingers a break, or control my computer while I’m, let’s say, doing stretches, I thought it was worth it.

What’s In the Box?

Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

Opening the Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 (Home edition box) you receive a disk and a short installation guide. Some versions come with a headset but mine did not. The installation process is as easy as inserting the disc into your CD-Rom on the computer, and clicking install. I have 4GB of DDR3 Memory and for my Dragon Naturally Speaking review; I would still like to point out that 30 minutes of install time is a little long for something that comes on a disc.  I didn’t have any other software running and actually left my computer to do Yoga and it was still running when I came back 20 minutes later.


Dragon naturally Speaking Toolbar

My copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 has a lot of really great features so I’m definitely going to mention them in my review.

  • Dictate email
  • Chat on Facebook
  • Open Web Browser & Applications
  • Android and iOS app compatible

Email dictation allows me to open a web browser (I use Gmail and Google Chrome), tell Dragon to send an email to whichever contact and then dictate it right into the email. I can also search the web, post to Facebook and Twitter and more. All great features, especially if you get a Bluetooth headset so you’re completely cords free.


After running through the set-up profile options, I was able to open the Dragon Naturally Speaking Toolbar. The toolbar allows you to either vocally or manually turn Dragon Naturally Speaking on or off. It allows you to choose your user profile and select a variety of other options.

Dragon Naturally Speaking claims to be up to 99% accurate. Most Dragon Naturally Speaking reviews do tend to repeat this but I would like to note that you won’t be seeing this type of accuracy for at least the first few days and maybe even weeks.

Dragon Naturally speaking does include tutorials and accuracy improvement tests, and I would highly recommend that you do as many of the accuracy improvements at first as you can so that your overall experience will be a little better. Essentially you have to ‘train’ Dragon to recognize your voice.


My Personal Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

When I first started using Dragon Naturally Speaking I thought I was going to leave a terrible review. It wouldn’t pick up on anything I said, wouldn’t type anything and wouldn’t even let me get through the training. I don’t have much of an accent and spent most of my life living in the Midwest, usually I also enunciate pretty well so it was frustrating.

Later I found out that my headset was malfunctioning despite being brand new so I switched it out for a new one and Dragon Naturally Speaking works perfectly.

I would recommend going through the help desk and learning the different phrases and quotes to control Dragon Naturally Speaking.  For example, you normally have to say punctuation where you want it. Such as, ‘Mary had a little lamb, period.” And Dragon will type the punctuation instead of the word.

Personally I think Dragon Naturally speaking is a great piece of software. If you don’t plan on using it frequently then it might be a bit overpriced. As part of my review of Dragon Naturally speaking, I would like to note that it’s great if you have arthritis, difficulty typing, or even a seeing disability. Your keyboard usage will be minimal after get it set up so you won’t have to worry with hand or wrist pain due to typing and you won’t have to worry about trying to use a keyboard.

Buy Dragon Naturally Speaking here.

Have your own Dragon Naturally Speaking review? Post it in the comments below and let me know what you think of the software!