Do You Need a Mac Cleaner?

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Do You Need a Mac Cleaner?

Do You Need a Mac Cleaner?

If you’re considering buying a Mac cleaner, you’ve probably been met with a lot of deceiving information, carried over some information from Windows, and might not know if you really need one or not. If you’ve been reading our series, you know why, but if not, you can either click through to page 1 of this series, or just read this article to get a quick answer. Do you need a Mac cleaner or not?

Unfortunately, a lot of Mac cleaning programs were initially created with the intent to deceive Mac users into thinking that they needed cleaning programs much more than they actually did. This led to a widespread myth that Macs need to be cleaned just like Windows. However, you don’t need a Mac cleaner. Your Mac is perfectly capable of keeping up with itself and you can manually delete any files that you don’t want to keep.

However, you may want one anyway. Why?

Many Mac cleaning programs are legitimate (Like Clean My Mac), and offer services that save you time, help you to achieve certain results even if you arent’ tech savvy enough to do them on your own, and can help you with maintaining your Mac.


Chances are that a Mac cleaning program can help you to remove data that you don’t use, that regularly builds up on your computer, and that you simply don’t want.

Privacy Concerns

Regularly cleaning your cookies can help you to alleviate privacy concerns, such as Facebook tracking or Google tracking. However, it won’t eliminate them entirely and you can delete these cookies manually. A Mac cleaner is great for allowing you to delete all of your cookies quickly with one step.

Unnecessary Files

Most of us forget to clean up mail attachments, email downloads, our trash bin, or old files. A Mac cleaner will help you to stay on top of them, with one button push – which can be very helpful if you are short on time, don’t know where to look to delete, or just can’t be bothered.


A Mac cleaner will find and resolve application errors, broken download links, and other similar issues that are taking up space.


Mac cleaners like Clean My Mac offer extension management, so you can easily clean up and delete extensions on your browsers. This can be very helpful because many browser based malware programs install themselves as extensions.


Some Mac cleaners include shredders, which you can use to permanently delete files, so that they are completely gone from your hard drive and cannot be recovered.

Removing Applications

A Mac Cleaner can help you to remove applications completely so that all related files and extensions are removed, freeing up space on your computer.

Why Would You Want a Mac Cleaner?

Mac cleaners aren’t for everyone, but they can help you to save time, and will save you space on your computer. While some offer extraneous features that you don’t really need, they can be valuable in that they delete files for you without requiring that you know how to do so or spend the time doing so on your own.

For this reason, Mac cleaners are often a great fit if you have an older Mac or a newer SSD model with limited hard drive space and want to ensure that you maintain maximum space on the drive. A cleaning application can also be valuable if you frequently download temporary applications or download multiple free trial apps to find one that you want.

However, Mac cleaners aren’t necessary. Instead, they’re a convenient tool that will help you to perform some functions more quickly, which will save you time and make it easier for you to remember. If you know how to find and delete application files, don’t particularly care, or prefer to learn rather than spending $20+ on a cleaning application, you can do that as well.

If time and effort are more your concern, a good Mac cleaner can save you hours of time investment every year and may be well worth the investment.


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