Do You Need a Mac Cleaner – Dirty Macs, Myths, and Scams

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Do You Need a Mac Cleaner – Dirty Macs, Myths, and Scams

Do You Need a Mac Cleaner – Dirty Macs, Myths, and Scams

If you own a Mac, especially if you migrated to a Macintosh from a Windows, you’re probably aware that computers need to be cleaned. That carries over to your Mac, and as a result, we see hundreds of questions like “How do I clean my Mac” submitted to The High Tech Society. While this is a valid question, it is one that is in part fueled by myth, scams, and Windows computers.

Clean My Mac is one of dozens of programs that offer Mac cleaning tools, designed to remove junk files from your computer to clear up space. But is it legit? Do you really need a Mac cleaner to keep your OSX in top condition?

In this quick crash course, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about dirty Macs so you can make the best decision for your computer.

Do Mac’s Get Dirty?

If you work on a Windows computer, you will frequently notice that the computer saves everything. From search logs to registry to pathway access for folders, you Windows stores and retains every single item that you do on the computer. This can be valuable for providing accountability, for backtracking what you are doing, and for restoring your computer – and is largely popular with developers for this very reason. But the same isn’t true of Macintosh computers.
Mac computers rarely store these same system files, meaning that regular cleaning simply isn’t necessary for removing standard system files.
Macs don’t get ‘dirty’ like Windows do because they don’t save the same volume of files. If you’re accustomed to cleaning a Windows, don’t worry, Macs don’t need that same cleaning.

Clearing Up Space

Programs like Clean My Mac free up space on your hard drive by deleting files like language files, duplicate files, and system files that have been created over time. This kind of cleaning can save you anywhere from 3-5 GB of space, which can be considerable if you work on a newer SSD MacBook or MacBook air with limited storage space.
Unfortunately, most of these files will simply repopulate themselves over time, and you’ll have to keep clearing them out every few weeks to retain the saved space. If your goal is to clear up space, your best plan is to purchase an external hard drive and transfer data you don’t always access to that drive. Thumb drives can be purchased for as little as $15 or less on Amazon, and will offer anywhere from a few GB to several hundred GB of storage that you can take anywhere with you.


Another reason that many people search for Mac Cleaners is performance. However, most Mac Cleaners are unable to tackle the real issues behind performance issues, which are either hardware based or related to third-party software or simply not having enough RAM for the programs you are trying to run. Double check the compatibility of any third-party applications, check your RAM and the requirements for your app, and try opening your Activity Monitor App (under Utilities) to ensure that you aren’t using more than 90% of your hard drive space.

Click through to page 2 to find out what Mac cleaners usually clean.


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