Do I Need a Mac Cleaner? Mac 911

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Do I Need a Mac Cleaner? Mac 911

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Do I Need a Mac Cleaner? Mac 911

For many of us, Macintosh is a great system that has a lot to offer including fewer viruses, an easier interface, and drag and drop everything. But, you might think that your computer needs a little something to help you with maintenance. This is especially pertinent if you’re migrating from Windows, which needs a lot of maintenance, to OS X, which requires significantly less maintenance. The most common software marketed to Mac owners is a Mac cleaner, which promises to clean out junk files and things you don’t need to speed up your Mac. But, do you need them? Let’s find out.

What Do Mac Cleaners Do?

Mac cleaners typically delete junk files, programs, app files, disk memory, and permissions, which take up a lot of space and can slow your computer down. Most also access the disk repair utility and run that to help boost speed and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your computer.

They also access files that you can’t access on your own without a significant amount of computer knowledge and work to delete those, which can also speed up your computer. By automating these processes (files left behind in app deletion, cleaning the cache, etc.) you can save time, while ensuring that you don’t accidentally delete anything you don’t want to.

So What Are Junk Files Anyway?

Junk files accumulate on your computer over time and would normally be deleted, but are not. These can include your cache, which eventually creates errors when it isn’t cleaned, app files left behind when you drag and drop apps to the trash, language files which are downloaded onto your computer each time your computer gets an update, cookies which accumulate in your browser cache, files you don’t need anymore, and much more.

All of these can accumulate and can take up quite a bit of space. In the case of your cache, it can slow your computer down a great deal, because your computer is trying to run them in the cache.

DIY Mac Cleanup

DIY Mac cleanup is also an option, and OSX makes it possible to manually clean up most of the things that Mac cleaners handle. However, this will take longer, and you can’t clean everything.

So, a Mac cleaning program can be a great way to make cleaning your Mac easier and more efficient. But, you don’t necessarily need a top of the line high-end program to do it. You can achieve similar results with free Mac cleaning program like CCleaner.

You can also choose to upgrade to a more expensive program like Clean My Mac 3, Mac Cleaner, Norton, AVG, or similar, which offers more features, but costs money. In some cases, these programs also offer antivirus protection, but this is largely unnecessary, as most Macs only get viruses through Trojan horse downloads or malware that is installed on your computer in the guise of a friendly program. This is because OS X only allows kernel access with your permission.

So, do you need a Mac Cleaner? No. But they can save you a lot of time and can make speeding up your computer easy, especially if you’re not technical enough to understand how to clean it up on your own.

If you want to know how to clean up your Mac on your own, visit this page.

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