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DLC, The Ugly Truth


 DLC, The Ugly Truth

DLC (Downloadable Content) seems to appear in almost every game that is released in today’s market. The average person will spend $60 on the latest game and then between $25-$50 on additional content, that is if the developer charges for the DLC. Have you ever wondered what DLC really is? In a perfect world it would be described as “Additional content that the developer is creating after the initial release to further enhance the game play experience for users. Sounds pretty good right? Now lets think about what DLC truly is the majority of the time. “Content that is already included on the disc or digital download that is locked until the developer deems it ready for release to increase revenue and decrease the users experience.

Dark below

 This is what Bungie looks like when they announce their DLC’s….. hungry for your money.

Now the second description does not include all games. GTA5 is releasing all their DLC for free and Evolve is including all their map DLC for free. Although all you have to do is browse YouTube for destiny videos and before too long you will notice users getting into “locked” DLC locations displaying a complete area without the enemies. Bungie’s reasoning was to decrease download times during DLC launches. Now you would be paying $35 for all the DLC if you purchased a season pass. Now think about this, you are paying 58.33% of the original game price so you can include some enemies on these maps. Now I am sure the normal argument would be that their is much more content and storylines that are not already included on the disk.

Lets take a look at another angle. Regardless if not all the content is on the disk, you are still paying 58% of original game price for content that was ready to be launched Day One. Really? How is holding complete game content and charging for it later be helping the user? It seems more and more that AAA games are released incomplete. Forza 4 released with 483 cars included on the game disk. Purchasing the DLC would boost that number to 671 by the end of the season. Now when Forza 5 launched on Xbox One you would expect more cars and better graphics running on the new powerhouse of the gaming world….. nope. Forza 5 launched with 199 cars on the disk. Forza 5 had less than half of the original content compared to Forza 4…59% less actually. Now one would would assume that due to a lackluster original car list that Turn10 would make up for it with amazing next gen DLC. Once again, prepare to be horribly disappointed 320 cars is the most you have have access to on Forza 5 DLC included. Wow…. $110 for the original game and DLC doesn’t even reach the original number on a last gen predecessor.

Here is a list of DLC prices for some current next gen games.


That adds up to $340 if you wanted to get the season passes for each game, not to mention the $540 for all of the games if purchased new during initial release. The DLC alone is more than the Xbox One is currently going for during black friday sales.


Sadly this problem won’t be going away any time soon. Developers know that users will continue to pay for DLC for AAA games. If you want to be part of the solution think before you buy that next AAA game. Support the developers that care about their users by offering their DLC for free. Support Indie developers that make great complete games without the need for DLC in the first place.

Support innovation, reject greed.


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