Spooktacular DIY High Tech Halloween Costume and Decoration Ideas

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Spooktacular DIY High Tech Halloween Costume and Decoration Ideas

Spooktacular DIY High Tech Halloween Costume and Decoration Ideas

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet and you want to have the coolest one on your block, or your bar (adults!), then this is the do it yourself Halloween costume article for you! I have scanned the internet and found the coolest of the cool, the highest tech of high tech, and bestest of the best, all for you. Here we go!

Like tech? You better, because we’re a tech website and due to that I know you have a smartphone or a tablet, or both, which means you can have a super awesome high tech Halloween costume that will blow your friends away. Mark Rober, a former NASA employee (just quit to do this full time) has made some awesomely scary, freaky and gross Halloween apps and costumes that you’ll love.


One of his first was done by taking two iPads and strapping one to his front and one to his back that then would show a live video feed that made it appear as if he had a large hole blasted through the center of his body. Pretty high tech, and pretty darn cool! Since then he’s been working on making even more images and added costumes to his ideas so that you won’t have to find a way to add your tablet or phone to your body. You can see his ideas on his site and video below:


More High Tech Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself:

My Heart Beats for You: Take a large shirt that has a pocket and cut around the pocket so that your cell phone screen will show through. Then use an app of a beating heart or gross flesh wound and watch your friends eat it up, hopefully not literally though.

Crazy Eyes: Take two digital screen keychains and a  pair of sunglasses can make your look appear to be animated. Download a pic of weird eyes, or anything you like, and then glue them or tape them inside a pair of old plastic sunglasses. You won’t be able to see of course, so be sure to only put these on if you’re standing still.

crazy eyes

Lighting it up: Wear a sweat suit of all one color and add LED lights to it to make a really cool effect. You will light up the dance floor or your neighborhood with this neat look. You can just outline your body, or you can get technical, pun intended, and make some cool design using the lights.


Greg Roberts halloween_costumes_12_1010-md

Photo Credit Greg Roberts

DIY Costume Tips

Want to make your own tech themed costume or decoration? Just grab some cardboard, paint and duct tape and start letting your imagination go wild. If you’re making a costume, using black clothing is usually best so that your tablet or phone won’t show up. If you’re into sewing, you could easily sew up a bib, yes, like a baby bib, just make the bib and add a pocket that will hold your device. This way you can tie or clasp the bib around your neck and then let it hold the device for you. Put a shirt on top and it will look pretty darn close to the costumes they have for sale using this same technique.

Not great at sewing? Get some fabric and just use glue, okay not any glue, but the type you get in the fabric department at Walmart or JoAnn Fabrics that will allow you to put two pieces of fabric together without dragging out the sewing machine. Your pattern doesn’t have to be perfect, it won’t be seen, so just draw something out on the cardboard and use it for your template and then cut your fabric out.apps

DIY High Tech Halloween Decorations:


Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Me!: Take two tablets (iPads, whatever) and download apps of roving eyeballs, duct tape them inside your door windows, or rear window of your car for a really cool Halloween decoration.

Beating Heart: Make a scarecrow, or take an existing stuffed Halloween decoration and attach a tablet or cell phone to where it’s heart would go (place it behind fabric that you make a cut out around so screen shows). Download an app of a beating heart and you’re good to go. You could also find an app that has sound if you really want to freak the kids out.

Talking Pumpkin: Line the inside of the pumpkin with saran wrap so your phone won’t get moisture in it, then dial your phone from another phone you’ll hang onto, turn it on speaker, place inside the pumpkin and wait for the kiddies to show up. When the ring the doorbell you can play some scary scream you find on the internet or make up your own freaky sounds or words to have some fun with them.


Controlled Pumpkins: Get some remote controlled battery powered candles and put them inside of your pumpkins. Then turn them on and off as you desire, especially when it may freak someone out when they come up your steps! This makes a fun and safe decoration.

More great ideas can be found on DIY sites all over the internet.


Here’s a few apps to make your costume really real:

Beating Heart

Eyes Rolling, Wounds and More

If you have some more great ideas for do it yourself tech costumes, please share them with us and our readers, and if you make one of these, we’d sure LOVE a picture!

Join us tomorrow for some great Apps to help your kids have a safe and fun Halloween.

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