Discover Art Online With Art Technology!

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Discover Art Online With Art Technology!

Discover Art Online With Art Technology!

by Brandy Cross

Whether you’re an artist looking to sell, or an art lover looking to explore, there are a variety of ways that you can discover art online. From 3D virtual museums to online art sales and gallery’s, the world of technology is constantly advancing, and bringing the world of art with it.

Discovering art online is all about finding where to look, and then going there. Remember that hundreds, if not thousands of artists have their work up for sale, and for viewing on a variety of sites, and you can join them, or just look at and appreciate their art.

Discover Art Online

Art Apps You’ll Love

Discovering art online doesn’t have to be just on your computer. You can download an art app for Android, Blackberry, or iOS to see and explore art right from your phone or tablet. Great options include the Android art app ‘Art Authority’ (available for iOS, Mac, Android) which can be purchased for $4.99 and use it to view art from a library of over 100,000 virtual images in high quality. With art divided into categories, periods and timelines, and a ‘similar to what you’re viewing’ function, you can easily discover art online including new, great art that you’ll love. On the other hand, if spending money isn’t for you, you can try using Google Images to discover art online via your computer, in a less organized format.

Discover Art Online at Virtual Museums

It could be said that it is sad that museums around the world are not easily accessible, and even, dare I say it, free.  Historical and famous art is unfortunately difficult and expensive to go see in real life, but did you know that with technology advancements, you can discover art online including  the Mona Lisa, or the paintings of Pablo Picasso through virtual museums. Many museums including the Smithsonian, the Louvre and the National Museum of Dolls offer a free virtual museum experience so you can discover art without leaving your home. All you need is an up to date flash player, a good graphics card, and a computer.

Free Online Art Lessons

There are very few things in life that are free, but art lessons are one of them. Whether you want to know how to paint, or how to do complex embroidery, there are countless sites and videos dedicated to giving free online art lessons. Some of them make money off of advertisements, which is beneficial for both artist and art student. Learn to draw, to illustrate, to paint, to sew, to embroider and cross stitch, all via free websites, YouTube, and other similar sites.

Online Art Galleries

Online art galleries range from the mundane to the extraordinary and sometimes include some very impressive work. Usually art galleries are featured on either ‘for sale’ type sites selling the work of various artists (as a real gallery would) or on the artist site under ‘artwork’, ‘gallery’, or etc. A great example is the simply stunning artwork gallery of Anne Stokes, a modern fantasy and gothic artist.

Sell Your Art Online

Are you an artist? The internet can work for you too in terms of publicity, fans, and free advertisement. There are plenty of free sites that allow you to post your work up for sale, and some will even create printed images such as shirts, posters and mugs for you. If you want to make money off of your passion, you can try visiting sites such as eBay, Sistino, Boundless Gallery and Original Art Online as well as Deviant Art. Most will take a percentage of your sales, but considering you wouldn’t make money without the site, it’s generally a good deal. You should also remember to post your art on social sites such as Facebook and Pinterest, and encourage people to share as much as possible

You can easily discover art online through free or paid websites. There are many sites that allow you to view and even download images for free, and even more that allow you to purchase prints and paintings.

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