Coupon Group Terminology and Other Tips on Saving Money Online

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Coupon Group Terminology and Other Tips on Saving Money Online

Coupon Group Terminology and Other Tips For Saving Money Online

Being online so much, we writers have learned quite a few tricks to save money and we decided we should share those tips and some of the coupon group terminology with you. To help share the deals, coupons, freebies and glitches we find online, we even created a Facebook group so that we could share what we find a lot easier which you’ll find a link for at the end of this article. Joining some of these groups sometimes is tough though because there’s definitely some of their own lingo going on in there that takes you a little bit to figure out.
To help you with that we created this article that will also give you a few tips on how to save money online while at the same time helping you learn some of the couponing group terms, and common things mentioned so that you can save money shopping online.

What is Code Stacking or Stacking?

Most retailers only allow one discount code per order, but some will allow you to stack the codes which just means that you can use multiple codes at one time. For example, recently allowed the codes of Triple15, Householddeal20 and Feblaundry20 all to be used at once which led to 15% off total, 20% off household items and 20% off laundry items. It also had free shipping over $30. Kohls often allows multiple discount codes as well. Most sites though do not allow this and when it does happen it’s a glitch and may or may not be honored when it comes to the products being shipped.

What Are Referrals?

MileUp-App-Driving-Rewards feature

A referral is when you get a product to sell and you like it and if you share it you can get points, money or discounts for referring it to others. We do not allow this in our group and others often do not allow them either,  unless you ask. This is true of apps you may share as well like the Mileup app  or Ebates that often encourage referrals so you can get bonus points or extra cash back. 

What are Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR)?

Shop Your Way Rewards is sometimes referred to in glitch or coupon groups by the acronym or SYW or SYWR. It’s a free rewards program offered by Sears and Kmart. You can get points whenever you purchase something, often for more than you purchased and this is sometimes referred to as a glitch even though it may just be a good sale benefit they’re offering. For example, I bought a pair of Nike tennis shoes for $29 on a sale and they offered SYW points of $50 which I was able to use on my next purchase and did.

What is YMMV?

YMMV stands for Your Miles May Vary. This gets used by people mostly when referring someone to a site like Brickseek (which we discuss in article two) which will show you which store in your area may have an item you’re looking for. Retailers will also use this at times when you’re searching for a product on a retail site and you’ll see, YMMV which indicates that your local store may not have the item in question and it may be at another store.

What is Price Matching?

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Many stores price match other stores, but not all. Walmart is no longer going to be doing price matching according to what we’ve been hearing. If a store does price match they usually require you to show them the link not just a screenshot, but some will get by with a screenshot, it’s worth a try. At this time we know that Target, Lowes and Staples price match. Feel free to update in comments who else does this. Lowe’s even will give you 10% back on top of the difference should you find it cheaper.

What is The Shopping Cart Trick?

I won’t go into this a lot because many use this to steal from retailers by opening credit with no intention of paying it off, but there are some legit buyers that use it to rebuild credit. Basically when someone says in a coupon group, “I used the shopping cart trick” they’re talking about how to get a credit card from a retailer when they have no credit or bad credit. There are some retailers that will give you a card no matter how bad your credit is and there’s a little trick to making it work. A few steps to this include opening your browser in incognito mode (control or command, shift, + N will do it) and ensuring a clear browsing history, loading the cart with $100-$200 worth of items (which you can empty later if you don’t want them) and then checkout as a guest. A popup will appear asking if you want to get preapproved instantly to use credit for your purchase and you fill out the online form. These are just basic tips and won’t work for all retailers. It mostly works with Commenity bank, which includes stores like Victoria Secret.

What is a Glitch?

A glitch is when a retailer has a code that works wrong, say for example it should give you 5% off but it’s giving you 50% off, or a price is listed for an item that’s way below what it should be so it was either a misprint or a glitch of some kind. These glitches can be shared and often are caught quickly by the company. If though you’re trying to do something illegal such as creating a code (which some have done) and using that to get it at a super discount or for free etc, this won’t be allowed in here. Don’t get mad either if the glitch doesn’t work, they often don’t. You may find it working for an hour and you order the item and suddenly get an email from the company saying it found an error and are therefore not sending you the item. Read our article on How to Find Glitches Online!

Coupon and Glitch Group Tip:

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One last thing to share. This isn’t a couponer term to give you it’s just a tip to help you not get tossed out of a coupon or glitch group. Group members in coupon and glitch group will usually express anger, a lot of it, if you post that you called a store about a glitch you saw but didn’t get. What happens is that a great deal is noticed and they can’t for some reason get in on the great deal, perhaps their store won’t honor it, and so they call customer service and complain.
You’re welcome to do this, it’s a free country, but just know that if you do this it may stop the deal for everyone and if you talk about it, it’ll get people upset because they’ll feel you ruined the deal for all (which may or may not be true). It’s best to just not call and complain, or at the very least, don’t tell if you did. If you got the deal, good for you. If you didn’t, oh well, better luck next time. If it’s a legitimate complaint though such as all TV’s are $199 on and you are not honored the same price, call! But if it’s just by location, some cities are doing it some aren’t’ etc, just leave it be.
This isn’t all you need to know. Continue on now to part 2 which will go over the common apps and website the coupon groups use to save money online.

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