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Corel Review – What You Can Do With Corel Studios


Corel Review – What You Can Do With Corel Studios

Corel software is a unique studio of photo, video and illustration tools that you can usually purchase for about $60-$120 for normal ‘household’ programs and upwards of $600-$800 for the professional versions. This Corel review is only for the cheaper household versions, not for the pro software.

Corel Review

Corel Photo Review

Probably the most popular Corel software because it can be used by the most people, Corel Photo or Corel Paintshop is priced at $79.99 to $299.99 depending on whether you get Corel Photo or Corel PaintShop 12. First, the Corel paint interface is very simple and easy to use, in contrast with their former model which was a bit crowded and overcomplicated. If you have a previous version of Corel PaintShop, getting the X4 could be just the upgrade you need to make you fall in love with the software. Corel photo includes the ability to view your entire photo gallery, load all of your photos into the app, slide adjustment, review photos, import raw photos from camera, camera lab and organized images (you can arrange them via stars just like in Adobe Photoshop).

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CorelPaintshop also features very simple and easy to use image adjust options such as crop, rotate image, remove red eye, brightness, color adjusting and etc. These are all pretty basic and can be found in all free photo editors, however; Corel photo options are very simple and easy to use.

For more advanced image editing with Corel Photo, you can fix chromatic aberations, camera distortions, change shadows, airbrush, color, clip art and image enhancement. New for X4 is the photo blend which is a pretty neat tool that allows you to choose the best pose from each person from multiple same setting photos. (such as if you have a perfect picture except for where your cousin is sticking his tongue out…)


Corel Video Review

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The Corel Video Suite or Corel VideoStudio Pro is another great piece of software usually priced at around $199.99 and up. My Corel review covers what it can do, why you might want to use it and more.

First, Corel video isn’t meant for professional use, it’s meant for an amateur hobbyist. If you’re more familiar with using more expensive software you’re probably going to be disappointed. However, this Corel review isn’t meant for the pros, but the people who just want to have fun and do a couple of things with their video. For those people, Corel VideoStudio Pro is a great option.

You can create stop motion animation (meaning you can draw comics and bring them to life), you can edit, change the color of, brighten dim and correct your video. You can also screen record to make an instant game review or etc. It’s also great for making family photo slideshows, family videos or even doing something a little more professional such as putting together a presentation or a small video for your website. Corel video is compatible with HTML5 meaning you can easily convert and upload directly to your website.

Corel Draw Review

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Corel Draw or Corel Draw Graphics Suite is probably the bestselling of these three studios so it’s only natural that it be included in a Corel review. Corel draw starts at about $199 but is actually comparable to Adobe alternatives which are more expensive.

Corel drawing includes a full graphics design and drawing studio that while not quite up to pro level, is certainly good enough for most amateur and even many professional applications. Create graphics, edit images, design freely without intrusive dialogue boxes, illustrate, lay out pages, paint, draw, clip and add art and more. You can also save into more than 100 formats which is great if you’re a beginning graphic designer. Corel draw also has access to a library of 10,000 royalty free images and clip art. You can use Corel drawing to create vectors, graphics or even just to spice up your photos.

Is Corel software a good deal? For the price and for what it offers, most Corel studios offer competitive pricing with competitive features. If you’re an amateur who won’t be relying on Corel’s ability to get things done, it’s one of your best options.

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Corel Video starting from $65.98, Corel PaintShop Starting from $94.99 and Corel Draw starting from $165