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CoolMovie Zone Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?  

CoolMovie Zone Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

CoolMovieZone is a free online movie streaming site offering Hollywood and Bollywood films, with a selection of new and old releases ranging from blockbuster to near-Indie films. If you’re looking for a place to watch movies online, it may seem like the perfect site, with a large catalogue of films dating back to the mid 1980s and frequent new releases. However, there’s a lot you should know before using CoolMovieZone or any other free movie streaming site like it. For example, is it safe and is it legit?

While the answer to the second question is very clearly “No” and most of our readers likely knew that already, the first is a lot more complex, depending on what you define as ‘safe’.

What is CoolMovieZone?

CoolMovieZone is an online movie streaming site sharing pirated films for online streaming. The site is free, with minimal ads. It’s also in a current grey zone of legality. CoolMovieZone definitely links to films that are uploaded illegaly, but the site doesn’t upload them directly. Instead, it links to places to stream or download movies across the web, with sites like and video bee frequently coming up in its links. You’ll also get download links, with a variety of download formats – something that should quickly point to the fact that the site isn’t exactly legit. However, because it’s not illegal to link to content already online, CoolMovieZone and other sites like it aren’t precisely breaking any laws, just the spirit of them.

So, CoolMovieZone is not legit, but they’re also not on the top of the takedown list for anti-piracy suits, which are much more likely to focus on people uploading in the first place.

Is CoolMovieZone Safe?

What does CoolMovieZone’s policy mean for you? Not much. While CoolMovieZone is very clearly trying to protect themselves, these tactics do nothing to protect you. Court rulings are more and more determining streaming as piracy, especially if it’s obvious the site isn’t precisely legit. So, while it’s unlikely, you could end up as part of a streaming lawsuit should a publisher chose to take it to court. How likely? That’s difficult to say, as laws and policies are changing rapidly.

CoolMovieZone does have some things going for it in terms of safety. Many similar sites use popup ads and a great deal of ads linking to ‘dating’ and gambling sites, all of which can be risky for you or your computer. CoolMovieZone does not. However the site does link to external sources, which can result in you accidentally loading scripts or malware from the link. For this reason, it’s crucial that you never access sites like this one or click on links without running an antivirus program. You should also be sure to have all important data on your computer backed up to an external hard drive for protection just in case.

What About CinaMuse?

CoolMovieZone directly links to CinaMuse which they are either affiliated with or owned by. Cinamuse is one of the only real sidebar ads on the site, but it will take you to a membership website, where you will be asked to sign up. CinAmuse is essentially a scam website, offering a 7-day free trial, after which it will charge you $34.95 per month to access HD movies (you could do much better literally anywhere else on an actually legitimate site). It is our strong recommendation to avoid signing up for this site. Click here for our full review of CinaMuse.

Overall, CoolMovieZone is relatively safe as far as similar sites go. However, the lack of popup ads is balanced out by links to scam sites and outgoing links to movie streaming. If you choose to use it, be careful.

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