Contractor Software That Gives Instant Quotes, Does it Exist?

Contractor Software MyServiceWhale Reviewed

What is the first thing that someone thinks of when they’re considering a home improvement or major home project? For most it’s this: “What is this going to cost me?” Not sure that’s what they’re asking themselves? According to Google that is indeed what they’re asking themselves and you – you being their potential contractor. In their search for things like “HVAC repair” they include the words “cost” and “price” approximately 40% of time when they’re shopping online for home improvement work. Since cost is definitely weighing heavily on their minds, what can you do to help them and to help yourself by turning those searches into actual customers? The answer may lie in a new contractor software program that enables their website to provide an instant quote after answering just a few questions. But, is that something that even exists? 

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Image from ServiceWhale for businesses.

According to MyServiceWhale, this new instant pricing contractors software does exist. What does it do exactly, just spit out some loosely fitted estimate? Can’t lots of contracting software do that?  That’s true, there’s been many programs over the years that claim to make your job as a contractor easier in the estimating business, and just as many websites, so if you’re skeptical you’re not alone. If you’re curious and wonder whether or not it works at giving someone an instant price on a project, and how it does that you’re in the right spot because we reviewed it to find out the answers for you. Here’s what else we considered while reviewing this software: Does it give you higher conversion rates? What services can it quote? And finally the big one, is it worth it?

My ServiceWhale Software- How Does it Work?

After the software is integrated into your website by the MySW team, your customers are able to get upfront pricing on the projects that you manage. Alternatively, you the contractor could also use the software for your own onsite estimates, or from those potential customers that call in and ask for a quote. In any of these scenarios, once the information that is needed to calculate an accurate quote is entered, a true custom quote will be shown. To see it in action there’s a demo video we found on YouTube and we placed it below.



How does it come up with the quote?  According to SW the software runs a calculation using the information submitted by the customer as well as the information you contributed during setup, and after running through the algorithm they created, the software will provide a very precise estimation of what the project is going to cost. This isn’t something you’re immediately locked into though. There’s still time for you as the contractor to verify that everything the customer put into the program is correct, and if it’s off in some way you can help them to remedy that so you both have the true price.

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An example of what the software for contractors, MyServiceWhale, looks like when integrated on a contractor’s website.

The entire process of getting a quote on a home improvement project took us just a few minutes, as we found out when we tested it out from the customer side. See our review from the customer’s standpoint here (which is how we then learned about their contractor software).

What Services Can the My SW Contractor Software Provide Quotes For?

The software is available to contractors in the U.S. and Canada and allows for remote quotes for the most common home projects that homeowners are shopping around for online. The quotes it can cover includes: HVAC, siding, electrical, decks and porches, tank water heaters, bathrooms, painting of interior and exterior, roofing and flooring and more.


services offered in contractor software

Services offered by ServiceWhale and contractors on

For some a few of these services may seem easy to quote already, like flooring, however, consider in some of the other services like HVAC and water heaters which are never easy and you’ll quickly realize just how unique and potentially invaluable this software could be to a contractor.

Is MyServiceWhale’s Contractor Software Worth Using?  

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According to MyServiceWhale, businesses currently using their contractor software have seen conversion rate increases of over 40%. They’ve also seen an ROI of up to 530%. There’s also the savings from having to go to the job site to give an in person estimate which can cost a contractor upwards of $300. These numbers definitely show that it’s what homeowners want in this day and age of buying things online, even home improvement services, but does it cover the cost of using the software?

Well, let’s look at the cost: The monthly cost of licensing the contractor software from MyServiceWhale is $300 and runs on a month by month basis. So having the program be able to take care of this part for you seems to pay for itself rather quickly even if you’re just considering the cost of onsite estimates being lessened or possibly nixed altogether.

When you consider everything together, if it does work as well as they say it does you should break even quickly, and better yet you’ll be better off than where you were without the program. But, if you’re at all unsure about this we suggest you reach out to the MYSW team. We found that they were very open to discussing any money questions, which makes sense since their goal is to help you be profitable, and that also makes sense becuase if that wasn’t their goal they’re not going to be in business very long. 

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Screenshot from the ServiceWhale website / business side for contractors.

Since they offer a 30 day money back guarantee we don’t really see how you could lose in at least giving it a try. The month to month part in the licensing agreement is also nice in that you’re not locked in for a full year, and if you do have a slow time in your business or you’re not making the returns you’d hope for the opt out option is easy enough.

Final opinion on value or worth? Once you look at the numbers, how the software works, and consider in the fact that it’s a month by month program fee, it does indeed seem to be worth the price they’re asking, or at the very least worth testing out for yourself under the money back guarantee.   

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Wait! What about using sites like Angie’s List and others, don’t they offer quotes? That’s true, they do offer you as a contractor an ability to give a quote, for a huge amount of money that is, but it’s not instant and it’s not calculated by them for your company. The quote is all done by you, after a lot of back and forth between you and a the potential client.

 OR Is This Contractor Software Right For You?

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For contractors in the home improvement industry, converting searches and inquiries into a paying customer is always the aim, but what will it cost you? The way it used to work was through word of mouth from neighbors, friends or family, meaning little to no out of pocket on having to advertise.

Now though, it mostly works on how you’re found online, and with that being said, having a website running contractor software that can provide an accurate and instant price is a huge gamechanger, one that has definite impacts on converting a search into a sale. When considering value, remember to factor that part in, which is that it is helping you to target 40% of the searches, which your competition can’t reach since they do not have upfront prices like you do…should you try it.

What about downsides? We found that after reviewing the system as a customer, yep they have a side for customers too,  that as a homeowner it was something we would love to use anytime we needed a contractor for our home. The only downside was that it’s only available (at this time)  in PA, NJ, NY, DC and MA. This isn’t the case though with their contractor software (MyServiceWhale), as it can be installed anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

So, any downsides at all? Although we always look for them and usually find at least one, in this instance we found no downsides to it whatsoever, even in the price. It runs smoothly, has great service, and with a money back guarantee and month to month agreement, there simply seems to be no bad side that we could find at all. If you find one however, we are confident that you’ll let us know and we appreciate that as always!

How do you know if this particular contractor software program is good for you as a contractor? To answer that we need to answer this: Will the software program make your life, a contractor’s life, easier and better? From everything we reviewed on and tested, we would say it would indeed.

My Final Two Cents

You may be asking yourself: “Why does this writer’s opinion count at all? Sure, you can tell us that the contractor software works, but you’re just a techie, right? How do you know if it’s really going to help a contractor?”

True, I am a techie but not “just a techie.” As a writer for and other home improvement sites, and as a past contractor in the home improvement industry, my experience isn’t only in the tech side of things, so when I say what I am about to say, which is: “I’ve not seen anything better for contractors with a business online than MyServiceWhale,”  I’m speaking from experience and not just research.  

If I were still a contractor in the home improvement industry, I would definitely choose MyServiceWhale as “the” tool to better my business over that of any other contractor software in the industry at this time. And no, we’re not an affiliate of them, we make no money whether you decide to buy it, try it or forget it. 

This review is as always, my own opinion based on what I  tested and tried myself, something every writer here follows as well. If you think you need more help with your website and SEO, check out some of our other articles for your online business. We’re here to help!

Have a program or product you want us to review before you buy it? Just ask! Comment below or email us and we’ll start looking into it as soon as we can. [email protected]


Easily integrated into your own website
Works in U.S. and Canada
Pricing is reasonable
Good return / refund policy


The price may not be affordable for contractors that are just starting out

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Amazing program for contractors

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