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CloudLibrary – The World’s Largest Digital Library  


CloudLibrary – The World’s Largest Digital Library

Whether you’re looking for free eBooks or the eBook resource for your local library, CloudLibrary by Bibliotheca is likely it. links the digital libraries from thousands of libraries across the world to create an easy-to-access online digital library. To access it, you’ll need a library card, a computer or mobile device like a Kindle or Fire tablet, and a few minutes to search and access books. While not as popular in the United States as alternatives like OverDrive, CloudLibrary is the largest digital library in the world.  

What Is CloudLibrary?

CloudLibrary is an app which formerly belonged to 3M. The app works as a digital portal with an eBook lending service, allowing library card holders to check out digital copies of works licensed by their local libraries. To access, you typically need a library card and may need a pin code. The app is available for most devices, and unlike alternatives like OverDrive, you need the app to download and read books on any device.  

Using CloudLibrary

  1. Download the app from the website (the app is not compatible with newer Kindle devices)  
  2. Sign up.  
  3. Input your library card and pincode 
  4. Search for books 
  5. Download them 

CloudLibrary uses Adobe, meaning you may have to install or update the program on your device. CloudLibrary is not supported on Kindle Paperwhite.  

Reading on CloudLibrary

CloudLibrary has a fairly intuitive interface which allows you to simply search for titles, tap “Download” to download them when available, and then find the under “My Books” sorted by media type. You can simply tap to open and tap to close (or click if you’re reading on a PC).  

However, unlike OverDrive, you will have to read your books and listen to audiobooks directly inside the CloudLibrary app. This means you won’t be able to use the native reading interface on Nook or Kindle, which may be a hassle and may remove features that you need. This is especially problematic considering the compatibility issues CloudLibrary sometimes has with Kindle devices.  

Usability – CloudLIbrary is very intuitive and easy to use. You can also find a complete walkthrough guide with videos and pictures on the site.  

Search – Search is simple and brings up books from your current library. You cannot search multiple libraries.  

Availability – Availability is heavily dependent on your local library. If your existing one is too small, consider upgrading to a county or state library card.  

Using CloudLIbrary on Kindle

CloudLibrary works very well on older Kindle devices but many users report issues on new ones.  

Overall, CloudLibrary has a lot to offer, but OverDrive stands out for Kindle users. However, you may not have a choice in what you get to use. If your local library only uses OverDrive, you will have to use it to access ebooks from your library.  

What’s the final verdict? While CloudLIbrary isn’t perfect, you do get a strong app with an easy-to-use interface, free books and audiobooks through your library card, and an easy management system. Despite some compatibility issues with some devices and the inability to read books out of the app, it’s still a great solution if you’re looking for free eBooks including new releases.