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CloudiFile – Free Security for Your Cloud Files


CloudiFile – Free Security for Your Cloud Files

If you use Dropbox or any other cloud service then you probably know that it’s biggest issue is security. While DropBox does provide extensive security of their own in the form of file encryption, passwords, and file ownership, it never hurts to have additional protection. For DropBox users, Cloudifile is it. What is Cloudifile? It’s a recently released cloud security program, and best of all, it’s free.

What is CloudiFile

CloudiFile is an encryption program that creates an encrypted version of a folder on a Windows computer (sorry OSX users). It then saves that file directly into your Dropbox, where it is uploaded to your cloud, if you have an Internet connection. When you left click on a folder and click ‘cloudify’ it immediately encrypts and syncs directly to your Dropbox, which does two things. First, your file is encrypted before going to the cloud, and second, you don’t have to worry about manually uploading the file to Dropbox, which saves time.

How Does It Work?

An encrypted docx file displaying in DropBox

An encrypted docx file displaying in DropBox

Cloudfile encrypts each file separately when you add them to your Dropbox by “cloudifying” them. During this process, it creates individual encryption keys which are stored in your DropBox account rather than on external servers. New files that you create inside of Cloudifile folder are also automatically encrypted and uploaded to Dropbox according to set parameters. You can use the same “Cloudify” or “Cloudily with parameters” that works with adding files separately.  Then, each file is accessed through an individual login which creates a unique per-time hash, which is only used once. The authorization and decryption files are access individually each time you log in, so that if someone hacks your Dropbox, they won’t have any access to the files in it.

Review of Cloudifile

cloudfile 2

Cloudifile downloads in less than a minute, installs in even less time, and within five minutes of hitting the download button, I had registered and confirmed my account. The whole process was surprisingly easy, especially compared to other encryption and security sites.

cloudfile 4

Adding and encrypting a file is as easy as left clicking on the file and hitting “cloudify” or “cloudify with parameters” if you want to choose which files from the folder you want. Then, the data syncs right to your Dropbox and that’s all you have to worry about.  They also use the best security encryption RSA asymmetric encryption (2048 bits) and Blowfish algorithm (256 bits). You can also offer security keys to people you want to share your files with, so that you can share and still keep your files safe.

Do You Need It?

Cloudifile offers a great free encryption service, but is it something you need? If you store personal photos, personal documents, or anything that you would not like other people to get their hands on, then yes. Every year thousands of personal photos go live on the Internet from hacked accounts, and DropBox does make up a large percentage of those photos. While DropBox does have a lot of security, it cannot save you if the hacker guesses your password or knows it. Cloudifile also protects you in case of a massive server attack such as the one in October of 2014, where DropBox user accounts were compromised. If you don’t store anything that you wouldn’t mind anyone else having then don’t bother, because if they hack your account, they won’t get anything anyway.

In short, Cloudifile is a great free encryption program that doesn’t cost anything. If you frequent DropBox then it’s definitely something you might want to consider.


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