Clean My Mac vs. Mackeeper: A Review and Comparison

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Clean My Mac vs. Mackeeper: A Review and Comparison

Clean My Mac vs. Mackeeper

If you are looking for a Mackeeper or Clean My Mac 3 review, you can check the articles on The High Tech Society. Both programs have been reviewed by our writers so you can read up to see what they have to say. This is a comparison of Clean My Mac vs. Mackeeper and directly compares the features, cost, and options on each.  I’m writing this Mackeeper vs. Clean My Mac article to help you decide between the two programs.

*This article includes updates in 2017


MacKeeper Review

Mac keeper is one of the top antivirus programs for Mac. Created by Zeobit, Mackeeper features a range of cleaning and antivirus options and is really an all-in-one cleaning and antivirus program for Mac.  The program costs $39.95 for 1 Mac license, or $89.95 for 3 Mac licenses and includes 24/7 support for any problems you might have. Zeobit estimates that individually the 16 basic services offered by Mackeeper would rack up to a total of $510 per license, which definitely saves you money from purchasing each service separately.  What you get includes:

  • Internet Security for your Mac
  • Cleaner for leftover files, registry errors, and more
  • Anti-Theft
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Encryptor
  • Disc Cleanup
  • Smart Uninstall
  • Shredder
  • ZeoDisk
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Geek on Demand
  • Apps

Reviews for Mackeeper used to be very favorable. However, over the past two years the reviews have become very negative and the company has even had lawsuits brought against it. We no longer recommend it. You can read some issues with the MacKeeper product here. *Update 6/2016: MacKeeper changed over the past few years and lawsuits were filed. Due to this, we no longer recommend the product. To fully remove MacKeeper you can read our uninstall article here.


clean my mac cleanmymac 3



This is a Mackeeper vs. Clean My Mac review so Clean My Mac has to be in it. The following information comes from my test and run of the software on my Mac. Clean my Mac is made by MacPaw who have a pretty solid reputation in the world of tech. Clean My Mac claims to be the world’s easiest to use Mac Cleaning software and has more than 50 features that can be used for cleaning, and more, and is currently in the second version which is known as Clean My Mac 2. *Update 6/2016: There is now a version 3 of CleanMyMac that comes with more features and options, you can read our review here. The software costs $39.95 for one Lifetime Mac license and $89.95 for 5 Mac licenses. Features include:

  • System Cleanup for 11 types of junk files
  • Uninstaller
  • Extensions Manager
  • Eraser
  • Trash Cleanup
  • Scheduler
  • Drop Zone
  • 9 Language Integration

A test of the software shows that it is very fast, very effective, and worth the money if you want to keep your Mac clean. The lifetime license is by far the best option, and like Mackeeper, CleanMyMac comes with a PC version which can be purchased as CleanMyPC.

Clean My Mac vs. Mackeeper

The first thing anyone comparing Clean My Mac and Mackeeper should notice is that Clean My Mac is not in any way an antivirus. It offers cleaning tools to help you keep your Mac running fast. Mackeeper is an antivirus and cleaning tool which shows that from the start, it has a definite advantage over Clean My Mac.

In a direct Mackeeper vs. Clean My Mac comparison Mackeeper seemed at first to be the better bargain for the money, however, there has been a lot of issues arising lately with MacKeeper that has led people to avoiding it and CleanMyMac has made many upgrades to their software in the interim making it the best choice. Both Clean My Mac and Mackeeper cost the same amount of money for the software, but MacKeeper is accused of over billing. Both are fast, responsive, easy to use, and great cleaners, but due to the issues with MacKeeper, we have to say that CleanMyMac wins in this challenge.

For anyone who already has a Mac antivirus and is just looking for a Mac cleaner, Clean My Mac is extremely competitive, mostly because it’s built just for cleaning. Download a free trial of CleanMyMac 3 here:

CleanMyMac 3


Update 6/2016: We no longer provide a link of the free trial for MacKeeper since there has been lawsuits brought against them. You can find a free trial on their website if you wish to try them out.

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