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Classic Cinema Online Review – Is It Legit?  


Classic Cinema Online Review – Is It Legit?

Classic Cinema Online is one of the largest websites offering old classic movies, most of which date back to the black and white era of the pre-1960s. With a library consisting of thousands of black and white films, Classic Cinema is the go-to spot for film-buffs and lovers of the classic everywhere. But, if you’re planning to start using the site, you want to know if the site is safe, if it’s legit, and anything else that could affect your viewing experience.  

What is Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a free movie streaming site offering a large library of old films, documentaries, and a few TV shows. Most of these date back to the pre-1960s, but you’ll find categories like Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, and traditional holiday movies like Scrooge and It’s a Wonderful Life. Titles vary a great deal, but all of them are classic, many are silent, and man are also iconic.  

You can also find a few (three to be precise) animated films, including the 1954 animated version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  

Is Classic Cinema Online Legit?

If you’re worried about breaking the law streaming films, you don’t have to worry here. All the films on Classic Cinema are in community commons, largely because their copyright has expired. You can watch, download, and use these films however you like without breaking any copyright law.  

For this reason, many of the films actually allow you to download it from or a similar site, which Classic Cinema will link you to when available.  

Classic Cinema Online Interface

Classic Cinema Online has a large interface but very poor tools to search and filter through it. Your only real option to find a film is to choose a category and scroll down the correct letter, but other than that, there’s no other way to search or refine what you’re looking for. If you want something specific, it may take quite a while. However, the site has categorized its library fairly intensively so if you get the category right, it shouldn’t take too long to find your film.  

Classic Cinema Viewing Quality

Classic Cinema streams all its movies from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, so you will be using those players. However, because you are streaming old movies, you will likely find that the quality is significantly lower than you’re used to with modern TV. These are likely best watched on a smaller screen and not on your big screen TV unless you don’t mind pixilation. You’ll also experience the same buffering you do with most YouTube videos. Most movies are available at 144 and 250p, which is low for modern standards but high considering the age of the content.  

Some films have subtitle options and quality options but most do not.  

What About Ads?

Unlike many competitors, Classic Cinema doesn’t really use ads inside of the videos. This is largely because Classic Cinema links to videos hosted on other sites.  

However, the site does feature multiple on-page ads including header and footer, and multiple home page ads, which do sometimes ask you to download spammy software. (you probably shouldn’t).  

If you’re a big fan of old movies, Classic Cinema Online has a lot to offer, fewer ads than most competitors, and no real buffering issues. The added ability to download films is a nice bonus, as is the occasional (likely affiliate) links to hard-copies for purchase.  

Overall, Classic Cinema Online has a lot to offer and even stands out over most of its competitors.