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Xbox 360 Kinect Helping to Combat Childhood Obesity?


Childhood Obesity and Lack of Activity: Will Xbox 360 Kinect Help?

Childhood obesity is a problem that many parents and their children are facing. In the last 30 years, the obesity rate in children has tripled. This is, in part, due to a lack of exercise. Previous generations spent more time outdoors actively playing in the fresh air. While children of today spend their playtime in front of a television screen or computer monitor watching programs, playing video games or chatting online. Their high point of activity is in their thumbs. Nutritional changes also play a part in the increase of obesity. Children are far more accustomed to more frequent toy-in-box meals than they were 30 years ago. The solution is not just healthier eating and exercise. It is getting the children to enjoy the healthier eating and exercise with game systems like Xbox 360 Kinect.

Enjoying Exercise

The task of a parent is to encourage exercise without making it mandatory. By enforcing stringent rules that require physical activity, the child could grow to dislike it, which is not the goal. If the child is a video game aficionado who enjoys that activity, consider investing in an Xbox 360 Kinect. This allows the child to indulge in video games while being physically active. If a child enjoys the activity, they are much more likely to incorporate it into their daily lives. With the Xbox Kinect games, the players body becomes the game controller. For the character on the game to move left, the player has to move left. For the character on the game to jump, the player must jump. This results in aerobic activity while playing an active game, which helps in turn fight childhood obesity.

Using Active Xbox 360 Kinect Games to Combat Childhood Obesity

There are games for every taste, interest and age group. Kinect Sports Ultimate collection for the Xbox 360 is a good choice for kids who are interested in sports. They have baseball, tennis, golf, boxing, soccer, basketball and more, which can all offer a good workout while using the game system.

Kids who love to dance can enjoy dance workouts that will have them moving and grooving while burning calories with this fun activity. Dance games include Dance Central and Just Dance 4.

The junior couch potatoes who love the television show Wipeout, will enjoy trying to make it through the game system obstacle course just like they do on the program. Hop, skip, jump, climb and swim into the winner’s circle where they can do a victory dance.

Interactive activity for younger children who enjoy video games are also available. Kinectimals – Now With Bears and the original, Kinectimals games are great for the youngest kids. They can enjoy interaction with the video animals and take adventures in the video islands to find treasures and gifts for the baby animals. Each game play is a new journey of exploration. The original game features feline cubs and the extended edition adds bear cubs to the mix.

Parents can also take advantage of the game play for the sake of exercise and movement, or even for the sake of being a role model to their children. Which may then help childhood obesity not be a factor in their home. They also offer exercise games that are geared to the older crowd as well.

In A Nutshell

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country and the adults must take a lead in teaching children that correct nutrition and exercise can be delicious and fun. The children will learn by our example. If someone in your family suffers from childhood or adult obesity, address the issue by joining them in play-time at their venue of choice. The video game system, Xbox 360 Kinect games can make exercising fun and, there is a chance, that they may take the basketball game from the family room to the ball court outside when they realize how much fun can be had in competition. Introduce them to healthy ideas for meals and snack-time and the issue of childhood obesity may take care of itself.