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Checkout 51 App Review – Scam or Easy Money?

Checkout 51 App Review – Scam or Easy Money?

There’s a lot of so called “money saving apps” out there, but it’s sometimes hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are a waste of time, or worse, a scam. As we’ve been looking into these apps and finding which ones are worth downloading and which ones aren’t, we’ve discovered that some of the most popular of these saving’s apps are rebate apps. We’ve already reviewed one called Ibotta, and as we researched it we found that the next most popular and most asked about Ebate app is one called Checkout 51. So that’s why you’re here, to find out more about Checkout 51, or if it’s not why you’re here we hope you’ll stay anyway because it may, or may not be, just what you always wanted in an app that promises to give you free money. Ready to find out?

What is Checkout 51

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Founded in late 2012 by three entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada, Checkout 51 is a grocery rebate app that works in both Canada and the U.S. Rebate apps, sometimes called Ebate apps, are a wonderful creation, especially for those of us that have ever had to bother with traditional rebates where you have to mail in your receipt, barcodes, and whatever paperwork they want with it and then wait forever your check to arrive.

With the Checkout 51 app the process is supposed to be much more simplified. They say that all you have to do is download their app, or go to their website, find the products that have rebates available that you want to buy, buy them, submit receipt through a picture, and you’re done. Money is on its way. There’s of course a bit more to how it works, like a few rules and such, but basically that’s how the app works and what it does in a really tiny nutshell, like an acorn maybe.

By the way, Checkout 51, why that name? We wondered that, and the answer we found was from one of the founders who said that if you consider a supercenter with 50 checkouts they’re like the 51st checkout lane, the one you use after you leave the store. Now let’s get to the real stuff that helps you know if you want to bother using it, how does this app work?

How the Checkout 51 App Works

You can get your rebates through your smartphone or through the Checkout website, and either way you can register easily by using your Facebook account. Once you are registered you start finding your rebates.

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Like the other rebate apps out there, Checkout 51 is free and easy to use. The process though is just a bit different in mainly two ways: 1: Offers are first come first serve, which means that they have a limited number of the rebates they offer and 2: Offers have a time limit. You have one week starting on Thursday at 12:00 am and expiring on Wednesday at 11:59 pm to purchase them and get them submitted.

checkout 51 app rules

Although the app does have a limited number of rebates available, we’ve not yet run into the issue of “this rebate is no longer available,” at least not for that reason exactly. We have had a problem occur instead due to date, which was a bit confusing as we did purchase the item between the time period given but the reason given for not receiving the rebate was that the product offer was not available on the day we purchased it. This may be the wording they give when they run out of their rebates on that product, but if so the wording would be more helpful if worded differently as this seemed to be more of a time and date issue instead of a “heck, we’re sorry but we ran out of rebates” issue.

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As for how you get your rebates, the process is much easier and nicer than some other rebate apps, in that all you have to do is scroll through the available products and click on the ones you want to purchase. Once you have a star by the product you can view your list for when you go shopping later. You can only get one quantity, or one rebate of each item, though. Some rebates allow more, but not this one.

Something we very much like about this money saving app is that you can buy the products at any store, even online ones and you don’t have to choose the store before purchasing, or ever for that matter. Simply pick the items you want to buy, buy them, and take a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase. If you purchased it online, you can use the packing slip that came with the item in the box.

How to Get Your Money

checkout 51 app get cash back

Checkout 51 is a little old fashioned in that they like to pay with checks. Most other apps in the rebate world pay through PayPal or gift cards, but checks work fine too. Once you upload a photo of your receipt you will be alerted within 48 hours of it’s acceptance. To cash out you need to reach $20 in your account which will be mailed to you within two to three weeks.

Pro’s Vs Con’s, Who Wins?

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Pros: The upsides are quite a few with Checkout 51, for one, it’s a totally legitimate app, and one that does everything it say, but my personal favorite thing about it is being able to simply click the rebate I want and then upload the receipt after I bought it. No having to do some task to get that rebate or pick a store to shop at first. Really awesome is that you can stack with this app, which means that if you have coupons for the same item you have the rebate for you can still use it at the store and also collect the cash back from Checkout 51 too.

Also, in line with stacking coupons, you can stack rebates meaning that if you do decide to use more than just this rebate app and find the same rebate on the other ebate app too, you can do that. They don’t share receipt info, or any info, so if you want to use two or more ways to collect on that rebate, go for it. One last pro, Checkout 51 can be used through a smartphone but it doesn’t have to be, it’s also available for use online through your computer. This is a nice change from other rebate apps of which almost all require use of a smartphone.

Cons: Although we found mostly upsides to using Checkout 51, we did find a few downsides. One we mentioned already, and that was that we were denied a rebate due to it not being available. To avoid this issue we found suggestions from other users that included checking the app again right before you go shopping to make sure the offer is still available and then uploading the receipt as soon as you get home. How you get your money isn’t exactly perfect either, as you’ll have to wait two to three weeks for a check, but it’s free money so if you don’t mind waiting a bit it’s not the end of the world.

The last thing we found to knit pick about is the amount of items offered for rebates. Compared to Ibotta the Checkout 51 app had quite a few less rebates offers available.

And the Winner is: The Pro’s Have it!

We liked the Checkout 51 app best so far out of all of the rebate apps available. Our only wish was that it had more rebates available, not only in quantity so that they don’t run out and you just bought the item, but also that they had more in-general. Perhaps as they make more contracts with brands that will happen, until then we find the best way to save money with rebates or ebates with apps is to use both the Ibotta app and the Checkout 51 app, you really can’t lose by using both and if you have coupons you can really win big.