The Cheapest and Best Online Pet Meds Websites Reviewed

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The Cheapest and Best Online Pet Meds Websites Reviewed

The Cheapest and Best Online Pet Meds Websites Reviewed

When it comes to buying medications for your pet, you know you have to do it so that they’ll stay healthy, but you also know that you have to find a way to make it affordable to keep your budget healthy too. This pretty much leaves out buying your pet meds from the veterinarian since they markup their meds, up to 1000% in some cases. There are some alternatives to getting your pet’s prescription meds cheaper, and one of the best is by buying them online through a pet meds website.

There is an issue with buying your pet’s medications online though, and that is this: how do you know which online pet med company you can trust? We have reviewed the most popular pet rx companies so you can know who to trust when it comes to both the medication being filled as well as your financial information being protected. We also considered the following when checking out the three online pet pharmacies below: that the website itself was in good standing, that it had an easy to use interface, and how well recommended it was by other pet owners and veterinarians. If it fit all of this criteria, it made our list.

What we used for our review:

petrx prices revolution pet meds

When we reviewed each site we purchased a prescription pet medication for our Maine Coon cats. The medication is called, Revolution (generic is paradyne). This is a topical medication that kills fleas, ticks, worms and parasites and is applied monthly. We compared on each site the cost for a 6 month supply of Revolution for cats weighing 5-15lbs, the shipping speed and fees, as well as any other things we felt necessary to add that happened during the ordering process. For reference, through our local vet office this medication cost $129 for 6 months.

1-800-Pet-Meds /

1800petmeds prices pet meds

Overview: Using 1800PetMeds we found the product (Revolution) we were looking for easily.  It was on the homepage, but they also have a search function that will search by brand or generic name. Once we were at the product page we clicked on how many months we wanted, our pet’s weight and ‘add to cart.’ After entering some information about our cat and his veterinary office we were done and ready to submit it for payment. The entire process took about five minutes and it should be noted that this part, including how long it took, was the same for each site we reviewed.

The website was extremely user friendly and the prompts were easy to follow. There site is a bit cluttered looking, but still was not difficult to navigate around. There was a good description about the medication on the product page, as well as reviews by other pet owners about how well the product did or did not work for their pet.

Price and Shipping: The total for 6 months of cat Revolution for 5-15lbs came to $89.99, before a coupon code (which was offered on the product page for 15% off) the price was $105.21. There was free shipping which is offered on all orders of over $49. Free shipping is normally 5-7 days, but this is after they get the prescription which the site notes can also take up to a week. It took them two days to get our prescription, as they noted to us via email, and our shipment arrived on day eight.

Bottom Line: 1800PetMeds is one of the most used pet meds websites and most trusted. We like the design, but we do like PetCareRX layout a little better. There service was slightly slower than both PetCareRX and DrsFosterSmith, by one day, and was also a dollar or two more expensive but other than that, there is almost no difference between them, other than some discount plans and perhaps what products they offer.

Pet Care RX

petcarerx cart for pet meds

Overview: was another easy site to use and very similar to 1800PetMeds. The process was again virtually identical to that of 1800PetMeds or DrFosterSmith. We were told to allow up to 7 days for them to get our pet’s prescription but they obtained it the next day. This site is also very user friendly and easy to use. It has a clean and uncluttered interface, perhaps a little nicer even then 1800PetMeds and DrsFosterSmith, which makes finding medications and ordering easy and uncomplicated. Product details and reviews are also included on the product page, as well as a phone number to a vet should you have any questions. 

There wasn’t a lot of difference between PetCareRX and our other two recommendations, what may sway you to choose PetCareRX over another pet med site is that it has a money saving plan they call PetPlus. This plan isn’t free, it does cost $50 a year per pet, but it does offer you up to half off prescription medications, as well as a 24/7 vet helpline (which they say is worth $180), free shipping on all products, wholesale prices on all prescription medications, and 20% off on all other items. Whether or not this would save you more money over other pet med sites would depend on how much medication or pet products you’re buying each year.

petplus petrx plan

Price and Shipping: The total for 6 months of cat Revolution for 5-15lbs came to $87.51 (after using a 20% off coupon code that was offered on their site). Before the coupon the price was $109.39. Free shipping was included but we were unable to find out if this was due to a first time order or that we spent a certain amount or if shipping is always free with a prescription. After ordering our medication it took them a day to get the prescription and our pets meds arrived 7 days after ordering. Using their PetPlus Plan we were offered the medication at half price, which would have been $44 but we didn’t opt in for that. 

Bottom Line: We liked the layout of this pet pharmacy website, the ordering process, as well as the prices. Another thing we liked about PetCareRX was that it’s a partner with EBates (a free cash rebate program), and at the time of our order it was had an offer of 14% cash back, which gave us even deeper savings. We will likely use this site as our regular pet pharmacy, unless we find that we need something they may not have and for that we’d turn to our next review.


DoctorsFosterandSmith /

drsmithandfoster ped meds

Overview: is not as well known as our previous two, at least to pet owners, but it is well known and highly recommended by veterinary offices. This pet med site fills more than just pet prescriptions, they also have some vaccines for self service and they have medications and other animal care products for more than just the common every day household or domesticated pet. This is the site you’ll want when you’re looking for something that may not be so common or for a pet that may not be so common as well. The product page offers medication info but no reviews. You can have them obtain the prescription or you can mail it to them. The ordering process was again the same as the last two, taking just a few minutes time and after one day they also obtained our prescription and had it in the mail.

pet information dr smith and foster pet medsPrice and Shipping: The total for 6 months of cat Revolution for 5-15lbs came to $87.99 and no coupon code was needed, nor offered. They offer free shipping on a total of $29 or more. Our shipment was received by day 7, which is inline with their shipping policy of 5-7 days for economy shipping and for having to obtain our pet’s prescription. They also offer a 5% discount for auto delivery.

Bottom Line: This website for pet meds and other pet products is a great resource for anyone with the common pet or uncommon pet like ferrets, birds or horses. They have a great self-help and pet education center and we love that they offer vaccines as well. The prices are lowest, even when not using a coupon code. They also work with VetCo which we like since they offer vaccines and other services with no office fees.

No matter which of these sites you choose you can’t go wrong if you’re wanting to find cheaper pet meds. Each is trustworthy, and each one is easy to use. They also all offered order tracking, and as for coupon codes we found coupon codes for each of these pet med websites with a simple Google search.

Want to order from a local pharmacy so you can get your pet’s medications faster? Checkout part 3 of our series on buying pet medications online which will be out tomorrow. Don’t forget to also read part 1 where we show you tips on how to shop for your pet meds online!

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