CES: Five Awesome Gadgets You Should Pay Attention To

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CES: Five Awesome Gadgets You Should Pay Attention To

CES: Five Awesome Gadgets You Should Pay Attention T0

by Brandy Cross

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, has been the debut platform for a variety of devices and gadgets, including some pretty awesome ones that we weren’t quite expecting. Among them have been new Tvs, new high tech phones, 3D virtual reality headsets, kickstarter projects come to life, and more.  If you love new technology, you will definitely love this list of the top five gadgets from CES so far.


Apps for Cars

From General Motors to Ford, automobiles are now being equipped with third party apps. CES announcements included Ford telling us that they will be the first automaker to equip their motor vehicles with third party entertainment apps, and GM motors telling us that they are offering a software development kit to developers who want to design apps for GM cars. What could you do with an app in a car? Pandora, Google Maps, Skype, whatever you want!

Intel Smart Touch PC Tablet

We all love tablets, and we’ve seen a variety of tablet PC’s coming out lately, but this one actually adapts to its setting. The bezel gets thicker when you remove it from the keyboard, making it easier to handle as a tablet. The Smart Touch features a 13.3” laptop screen and an 11.6” tablet screen.

Sony HandyCam

A computerized camera that stabilizes images up to 13x more than leading software, Sony’s Handycam is a cool, but slightly creepy, new camera. The HandyCam will readjust and move to stay focused on the image even if you move the camcorder between horizontal and vertical. Unfortunately, the camera starts at $1,600, so it’s not really going to be for family photos.

Oculus Rift

A virtual reality headset come to life, the Oculus rift is actually quite something, especially if you don’t get disoriented easily. The rift comes with a sensor package and uses a gyrometer, accelerometer, and magnetometer to track how your head is moving in a 3D environment. The data is then transferred to a display, where you can see it via 3D virtual reality. More on 3D at the CES show included the Leonar3do, which is essentially a 3D virtual reality way to interact with modeling software using 3D glasses and a special pen.

New Digital TVs

Okay, this does not narrow the fifth gadget on this list down to a single gadget, but it does narrow it down to a single category. Some of the most amazing televisions ever built were debuted at the CES 2013, among them an 85 inch HDTV at 4K resolution (four times HD) with a new timeless gallery frame. The LG EA 9800 features a curved screen to deliver a full immersion experience (but not if you’re standing to the side of the room), as well as the 4k viewing experience. There are multiple 4K TVs that were released at CES, and these two are just a taste. Unfortunately, we do not yet know how much they will cost.  Sharp actually debuted an 8K TV, which while 8 times sharper than standard 1080, is not expected to hit shelves for years to come.

Have you been watching CES? If so, what do you think were some of the coolest gadgets to come out so far? With plenty of options to choose from including TVs, geek tech, and more, we’re pretty sure there is something cool for everyone. Not to be forgotten is Sony’s newest phone the Xperia Z, and of course, the Steam Piston box we talked about yesterday.

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