10 Cool Phone Accessories to Make Your Phone Unique

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10 Cool Phone Accessories to Make Your Phone Unique

10 Cool Phone Accessories to Make Your Phone Unique

If you’re looking for ways to bling up your cell phone then accessories are just the thing. Depending on where you look, you can get a range of very cool, unique cell phone accessories without really investing too much money.  While style, quality, and phone compatibility vary from accessory to accessory, there is sure to be something very unique and cool that you can find for your phone. Ready? Let’s get started.

A Tail

cell phone accessoriesWho wants a tail on their phone? Okay it might be cheesy but it’s certainly unique. These little guys are cute, flashy, and perfect for anyone who loves the cute and fuzzy. Sizes vary, as do realism, and prints come in everything from camo to leopard print, as well as solid colors like neon pink and black. You choose whatever you want, and then simply connect it via either a keyring, or plug it into your phone using the headphone jack. Neat huh?

A Photo Case

cell phone accessoriesEver wished you could make a more personalized phone case? Us too! Did you know that you can get a case custom made with whatever photo you want? While this might be a good way to put your kids, grandkids, or family on the case, you can also put a photo you took on vacation, a photo of your favorite rockband, or anything else you want. There are multiple companies that offer personalized phone cases but most do ask that you do not use an image with a copyrighted logo.

A Keyboard Case

cell phone accessoriesA keyboard phone case? That’s right! If you’re tired of using the touch screen keyboard on your phone then you can get a flip phone case with a built in QWERT. Usually these phones do work using Bluetooth so make sure that your smartphone is Bluetooth enabled before you buy one.

A Key Ring

cool cell phone accessories Did you know that you can put a key ring on your phone? Most people use a single nylon band rather than a heavy metal ring and then hang any sort of charms they want from it. Charms can come in all shapes and sizes but you most likely want lightweight plastic charms that won’t be too heavy for your phone. Shapes, colors, and styles do vary so look around and find something you like.

A Pet Case

cool cell phone accessories If you’re looking for the cute and adorable, then a pet case might be for you. There are plenty of plush phone cases that look like cats, dogs, or even your favorite cartoon character. Best of all, these cases have the added benefit of adding a thick, plushy layer of protection to your mobile. Also great for your kids!

A Telephone

cell phone telephoneA telephone for your telephone? While it might sound weird, this is actually a very cool idea. Options like MoFone look like an old retro telephone and fit over your smartphone. What’s the catch? It won’t fit in your pocket. This idea is great for anyone who wants more to hold on to, who loves retro, or who just doesn’t like the look and feel of their mobile.


What is Stthreeam? Besides having a weird name, Stthream is an iPhone Dongle that gives your mobile 3D capability. With this device you can shoot and record in 3D, and then view or share those photos from your phone.  Unfortunately this neat little Dongle didn’t reach its funding goal on Kickstarter so it isn’t yet in stores, but you can probably expect it to resurface sometime soon.


cool cell phone accessoriesDo you drop your phone? If you’re anything like my sister has dropped not one but three phones in the toilet then Liquipel is for you. While not quite an accessory,  it does make your phone completely waterproof. Of course, you do have to mail them your phone, allow them to coat it with their patented waterproof coating, and send it back to you. My question is when are Apple and Samsung going to license the rights?

Portable Phone Charger


cool cell phone accessories

Sometimes called a portable phone charger, sometimes called an emergency phone charger, and sometimes called a micro charger, this little gadget is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time away from home. How does it work? You charge the portable phone charger at home and then simply plug it into your phone when the battery starts to die. The phone will use the power reserve in the emergency so that you can go on as usual.

Cell Phone Tracker

cell phone accessoriesIf you have an iPhone then this bit of technology is a bit mute as you can track an iPhone with iCloud. However, for other phones, this little Dongle can be a lifesaver. A cell phone tracker installs an app onto your phone and then you can check the dongle at any time to see exactly where your phone is. Also handy if you want to see what your kids are up to but don’t want to bug their phone or rely on asking them.

There are literally hundreds of cool gadgets and accessories for your phone so look around, you might be surprised at what you find.

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