Can I Use Putlocker for Movies? 

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Can I Use Putlocker for Movies? 

Can I Use Putlocker for Movies?

Putlocker is an online web directory primarily linking to movies and video which you can stream from your browser on nearly any device. However, with disputable legality, often pirated content on the site, and no guarantee of safety from the site, you’re likely wondering if you should.  

Putlocker is one of the top 5 largest illegal streaming services in the world and has been for nearly a decade. As a result, the site has a huge library of movies and media, ranging from legal movies that are not copyrighted to highly illegal camrips. In the UK, statistics show that Putlocker is responsible for about 17% of all illegal media streaming, second only to Kodi.  

Is Streaming on Putlocker Piracy?

No, not yet. Under the current legal definitions of media piracy, online streaming, even from an illegal site, is not piracy. However, this may change. In 2015 and 2016, several court cases treated streaming like media piracy, which is heavily indicative of an upcoming change in piracy law. If that change happens, you could be prosecuted for streaming on a site like Putlocker just like you can be if you download a torrent file for the same movie.  

However, for now, streaming is largely safe. It exists in the grey area of legality because you are not currently expected to verify the legitimacy of a website before you use it. However, streaming on Putlocker is typically streaming pirated content and therefore ‘illegal’ under the spirit if not the definition of the law.  

As a result, you cannot get into legal trouble for now. Even if you get a letter from your ISP, the United States does not have a current law against media streaming – especially on sites that also offer legal media. However, that law could change and fairly quickly.  

Is Streaming Media on Putlocker Safe?

Putlocker mostly allows you to stream content without downloading it to your computer, which means that the site is mostly safe.  

Under current regulation you are also unlikely to face legal repercussions for streaming on Putlocker.  

However, you may have issues with popups, which can link to viruses, malware, and phishing sites, all of which can be a big risk. If you stream on Putlocker, use a browser such as Google Chrome or Tor which enables you to disable popups and use an antivirus.  

It is also important to note that you should not download files from Putlocker. The site does not have security standards and you may be downloading viruses or malware, especially if you are downloading software which must be installed.  

Use Your Best Judgement

While it’s not always illegal to watch movies and media on Putlocker (For example, almost any movie older than 70 years) it often is. You should use your best judgement to steer clear of illegal content to protect yourself from potential future legal trouble.  

Currently, there are many media streaming services that offer safe and legal movie streaming for either free or for a low cost of about $10 per month.  


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