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Camera360 Review – Hands On With the Camera Effects App

Camera360 Review – Hands on With the Camera Effects App

Last year I reviewed a great free app called Camera360, and I loved it. The app, which featured Instagram like effects with plenty of features is a free photo editor and effects app for iOS and Android. Last week, I was invited to review the new Camera360 and sent the new version. So, here’s a review of the new Camera360 (version 5.0 Beta).


Camera 360 Review New

Interface from your photo album

First, I’m really impressed with the new user interface. The whole thing looks new, it’s pretty, and while obviously designed with women in mind (what guy really wants a pastel screens), it’s simple and easy to use, which was a feature I liked about the original app. You can easily import your Instagram photos and the photos from your camera, and for clarity later, I’m going to import some and show Instagram and Camera360 filters side by side. Basically, nothing is really labelled, but it is easy to figure out what it does, so you could probably become extremely familiar with Camera360’s interface by poking around for a few minutes and adding stuff. One thing that is a bigger change from the old app is that there are now a couple of different types of filters and each are labelled accordingly. For example, you can now access filters designed to change your face under a separate folder than those designed to change the lighting or style of the photo. The result is more organized.


The new Camera360 has a couple of new features including a photo editor that allows you to change the saturation, color, temperature, and shadow of the photo, which is basically quite cool since you can adjust these to your preference rather than being stuck with themes only. The different folders can be slightly confusing if you’re looking for everything in one place, but it is easy to get the hang of.

Camera 360 Review New

EasyCam makes taking photos in Camera 360 easier

Camera 360 Review Effects

Camera 360s Effects Menu

Each folder also has sub folders with different special effects.
From your photo you have:

  • Effects
  • Face Fix
  • Adjust
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Texture
  • Blur

Each of these has its own subfolders, and each subfolder has multiple effects.


Effects is exactly what you think it is. A folder full of photo effects. Once you click on it, you will see the following subfolders:.

Camera 360 Magic Lips Demo

Camera 360 Magic Lips Demo – This also lightens your skin. It does not make up for no sleep though.

Magic Skin – Magic Skin includes 9 effects for the face, and if you take a photo, it will do face detection first. These effects include Natural, Glossy, Light, Deep, Black and White, Sunshine, Fresh, Sexy Lips (which was one of the old Camera360’s most popular effects), and Sweet.

Magic Skin is intended for use with self photos and regular photos, and it does recognize your face when you take a photo. It mostly tries to change your skin tone by changing the lighting and does a pretty okay job, although I would say that this is the lowest quality effect in the app. It’s still pretty decent though.

Camera 360 Review Features

This is the Night filter

Light Color – Light Color changes the lighting and mood of the photo, and you also get 9 individual choices under this effect. Sweet, Cool, Sunny, Grace (which looks a bit like a vintage tone), Sun (which is brighter and fades half of the photo), Jelly, Elegant (very cool blue tone), Fresh, and Warm. It’s a nice range of light colors and should be suited to everything from a selfie to a photo of the Eifel tower.

Enhance – Enhance is a set of 10 effects that change the lighting, color, saturation, and contrast of the photo if you want to do things the easy way. Improve, Auto, Night, Indoor, Warmth, Cool, Inverse, Intense, Balance, and Cold are your options, and each is subtly different. You have a couple of darker and a couple of brighter options, although my favorites were indoor, cold, and night.

You’ll also have the ability to download more effects by hitting the + button which will take you to the Camera360 Effects store. At the time of review, that store included several free effects libraries including Film (Golden, Vista, Xtra, Ektar, Velvia, Profoto, Superia), and Loft (Youthful, Lazy, Calm, Afternoon, Twilight, Time) as well as more fun options like Ghost.

Face Fix

Camera 360 Review Features

Cool Filter Demo with Warm Tone

Camera360 has upgraded their ‘Face’ effects to entirely new proportions as these filters not only change the color and shading of your face, but you can also make your face thinner, your eyes bigger, and your skin tone lighter or darker with the touch of a button. The app first recognizes where your eyes and lips are when you open the effect, and then you can choose from the individual effects.

Natural – Improves the lighting a bit without much change.
Sweet – Looks like a bit of a vintage filter designed for your face. It also slightly slimmed my jaw when I tried it, and made my eyes ever so slightly bigger
Cool – When I tried this on my photo, it slimmed my jaw out a bit more than Sweet, and also increased the size of my eyes a tiny bit.
Moe – This effect adds a light filter and makes your eyes noticeably larger.
Art – This is a black and white filter that slims your face and widens your eyes.
Fresh – A different light filter with the same effect as above.
Cute – Vintage filter that also slightly enlarges your eyes
Beautiful – Vintage filter that smooth’s out the shape of your face.
All in all, it’s an impressive collection that’s perfect for the girl who wants to post photos of herself, but doesn’t necessarily want them to be exactly her. It’s a lot of fun if you like taking pics and want to mix things up a bit. Plus, it shows you how you’d look in Photoshop without actually paying for the program.


Camera 360 Review Features

Blur works like this

Blur allows you to blur your photos three different ways to the level that you want, which is pretty nice, and completely adjustable. Personally I’ve never been a fan of blurry photos, but doing it in the direction you want does give you more control over what is blurred out.

Probably my only complaint about Camera360 is that it doesn’t’ give you the option to automatically save the original photo if you took it in the app. That means that any edits you do on it are going to be on your only copy. On the other hand, if you take the photo with your camera phone separately and then import it, the edits are on a new copy. You can also go the selected photo, hit ‘export original’ and it will also create an original copy outside of the app.

Camera 360 Review Features



You can also create a collage of 2 to 9 photos at once.

Top Instagram, Bottom Photo 360

Top Instagram, Bottom Photo 360


There are plenty of sharing options from each photo but I did not see the option to share an album or all photos, and I don’t see the option to share to email. However, for average use, this should be fine. You can also export photos in a couple of seconds by just clicking ‘export’ and it goes right to your photo album on the phone. If you click ‘Export HD’ then you export the edited version, but if you export ‘original’ then it is the original version of the photo.

You can share your photos up via Facebook, Twitter, Sina Web, QQ, and your Camera 360 account, which is a nice touch so long as you have internet. This apparently isn’t quite backing the photos up, which means that the app does not have a backup feature other than via Cloud.

All in all, Camera360 5.0 (Beta) is a really decent app especially for free. You get a ton of photo filters that work, and you get a lot of cool addons that most other apps would charge you for. This is definitely one of the best apps you can choose if you’re looking for free photo filters.