Call of Duty: Black Ops II Map Pack 3 Vengeance

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Map Pack 3 Vengeance

Vengeance just rolled out a few weeks ago in July 2013. It is the third of four map packs for Black Ops II. On the upside, it has a great variety of challenges. The downside, there is too much playable space for just 12 players. Since this map pack is very new to many players, I will offer a few tips to get through these maps on the winning team. You can read about the other COD Black Ops II map packs here.





Cove is a little island but has a large area of combat space. The thing with Cove is you never know if the other team is out on the beach or in the center. You can go into the water, but only near the beach’s edge or you will drown. Stay between any wreckage in the water and the beach. Gauging the spawn points in this map is difficult. The best way to play this map is either as a sniper up high facing inward toward the middle or as a gunner running on the outside of the map. Snipers beware; there isn’t much to keep you safe so you are going to want a gunner to watch your back.



Uplink is a re-imagining of Summit, a longtime fan favorite. Uplink has so much playable space it’s hard to work the whole map in a single round. This map definitely takes some getting used to because you can run on the outside in the cliffs and on the outsides of buildings. It’s easy to fall off of this map because of the tricky cliffs and nothing to hold you up. Some outer towers can be accessed, but getting back to safe ground is not easy. Watch for hackers in this map, there is one building along the cliffs that some are able to climb up on using a cheat and shoot you down. It’s best to run this map in packs of two because there is just too much to look at. Leave the sniper rifles behind here and just used a suppressed SMG.





Rush is a paintball course that just seems to have gotten confused in the making. It’s big enough to be three maps in one. The inner course is enough for a three-on-three battle. You can hide behind each of the orange barriers and get on top to lay on them if you’d like. In the center, there are walls and a bus to hide in. It is almost like a maze. Be careful, because there are rooms above this section and snipers can easily pick you off. There are several blending places where gunners or snipers can hide easily. On the ramp platforms, creep up with your scope zoomed in, you might just get lucky enough to see the enemy coming down the hall. Use the open outdoor area by the disabled vehicles to get your care packages and to take cover when your health or ammo are low.



Detour is a mess, literally. Craters, cracks, buses and broken pieces of equipment litter the playing field. There aren’t many places for the opposing team to come up behind you here. The middle in the wreckage is where most of the action takes place. This is a heavy run and gun type of map. You want to bring your LSAT or assault rifle to this match. If you want to be hidden, lay next to a vehicle or behind the barriers. You can go underground to try and get behind the other team. Watch the ramps; the other team is going to use these to sneak up on you. It is also beneficial to run with flak jacket and engineer perks on this map.








The Ray Gun Mark II will help you in this map. In Buried, use the Ray Gun to zap zombies faster and take them down with less work. Buried is full of twist and turns with zombies that will show up out of nowhere. Don’t get yourself surrounded or backed into a corner. That only leads to them making you one of the undead. Aim for the heart, usually one or two shots and the zombie is down.

Vengeance is a rather exciting map pack that is full of difficulty. Uplink is a re-mastering but has some added difficulty with it. Cove has a lot of playable space and hiding places. Detour is a smaller map but still has ample hiding places and things to get stuck on leaving you as an open target. Rush is just confusing. It’s a hybrid type of map that is almost like three maps rolled up into one. You just have to find a section of the map and play it. Gameplay is tense in all sections.

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