Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Not so Advanced but Definitely Creating Warfare


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Not so Advanced but Definitely Creating Warfare

Should I buy the newest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Whenever a new game comes out, especially one as popular as the CoD series, we’re often asked by our fans whether or not they should buy it. Before we answer though, we like to take a little time to play the game and check it out thoroughly, and with this game we’re especially happy that we waited to answer you because our first opinion from the first day of release has changed significantly from the one we now have. 

What was our first opinion? On November 3rd, had we given you an answer to the ever common “is it worth it, should I get it ?” we probably would have given you a big and enthusiastic, “YES! It’s awesome! Get it!”  Now though, having had time with it, and having watched it de-evolve right before our very eyes, our answer is a very big, and very loud: “NO!

At least for now that is! Keep your $59.99 safe in your bank account and read why we say not to buy it yet…..and then thank us for saving you $60…and perhaps even more if you have a swear jar somewhere in your house.

 “Thanks a lot TheHighTechSociety! I already bought this stupid game!” Yes, you may be saying that right now and you may then be wondering if you should even read this review because you already got it and you’re really unhappy. We’re sorry you’re unhappy, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a fix that works for you by reading our article. Miracles have been known to happen! Or, maybe we’ll help you feel better knowing you’re not alone, either way, we hope we help.

Steam aw cod

 A little background on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Set in the future, 2054-2060 to be exact, this 11th installment in the CoD series brings a little future tech to the game. Although the game play is mostly the same, things like the normal heads-up display have been replaced with more futuristic tools of a holographic image projected from the weapon you’re using. More conventional firearms were also added, some were’t even used in the past titles. CoD AW was developed by Sledgehammer and published by Activision for Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was released on November 3rd, 2014. You can read it’s wiki here.

What’s up? The Story of the Rise and Fall (and Rise Again?) of CoD Advanced Warfare

With the CoD franchise topping 10 billion dollars, not including figures yet from Advanced Warfare sales, it’s no surprise that it’s newest in the series, Advanced Warfare, was purchased by most people via pre-purchase sale, or on the day of release. With anticipation so high, who could blame them? The bad thing though is that these ever so loyal fans have been left feeling quite let down. Most of them say they now that they would never have purchased the game had they known it was going to be so incredibly difficult to play online, or that they would have at least waited until they got the all-clear from online reviewers.

The complaints didn’t come right away, which is common. That’s because it’s to be expected that in every game the first few days after release there may be some issues. There’s always updates wait on, and there’s sometimes a few glitches, but then it usually, especially with a big game title and developer, gets better. Sadly though, this hasn’t been the case with not just big, but huge game developer, Activision and their newest CoD title. Instead, CoD Advanced Warfare has been so problematic that there’s an outcry by many for a full refund, and the war between the players and the developers has begun.

ps3 rating

Playstation 3 users were the first to complain and give negative reviews.

Checking through forums, and community pages on Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube, you’ll have no problem in finding massive complaints about the game on any console or platform that it’s played on. Although at first issues seemed limited to PS3 users, checking through more recent complaints in just the past few days (and hours), you’ll see that these issues are not limited to that platform alone. PS4 and Xbox users are experiencing the same problems as the PS3 users that first began to express their extreme disdain for the game shortly after it came out.

amazon reviews by platform

*Many thought at first it was only PS3 that had any issues, so many ratings systems still show higher ratings than the PS3 does for the game than others. Some ratings are starting to catch up now with the bad ratings PS3 users have given it.

Quit Being Laggy and Get Back to Work!

cod multiplay

Let’s go over just what it is that has everyone riled up and hot under the collar, as it’s not really the game in-general that has them mad, in fact most report that when they can play the game, it’s quite phenomenal. We already gave away a major issue I suppose, did you catch it? By saying, “when they can play,” is a big tip off.  It’s not only one thing that’s causing a problem though in playing the game, there’s a few issues actually, but the largest complaint by far, and not an uncommon one, is lag.

Lag has often been a problem for the multiplayer mode of any Call of Duty game, but with Advanced Warfare it’s become more of a problem than perhaps ever before, and its creating a lot of angry players. Players are making comments like “the lag is so bad that being able to play in any functional way is just not possible,” and others saying (again because of lag) “it’s the worst Call of Duty game ever,  and perhaps even the worst game ever.”

common review of the game

Screenshot of a comment on

What does Activision (part of Blizzard Entertainment) have to say about this? Since lag can be due to an individual’s network, and also be interfered with by other players connection on the network, they have reportedly said that the issue of lag isn’t their issue, and therefore, there’s really nothing much they can do about it. They do have a list of things you can try to do to fix latency (lag) issues here.

One player asks:

Activision is making serious millions off of the CoD franchise and they can’t afford proper dedicated servers for this game?

By saying that it’s not at all on their end and instead it’s all on the players end, they definitely are not calming the throng of CoD fans that didn’t hesitate to buy this newest version. Instead, it’s making the players more angry as they feel (from their comments that we’ve seen) this is just a way to throw blame back on to them and not take responsibility. Many have said that the game is like playing a game still in the beta stages and as such shouldn’t have been released yet.

most recent complaints

Common and recent comments on Advanced Warfare by CoD

Issues, issues, issues….Lag isn’t the only issue or problem though, and it’s not the only reason that so many are saying that it feels like it’s still in beta mode. Other problems include being randomly disconnected, game freezing up, and being stuck in spectator mode until you restart the game.

There’s also issues within the gameplay itself, such as when you spawn. What’s the problem? There’s a gazillion comments (0r maybe half a gazillion) about being brought back to life just to be put directly into an enemies path of fire and instantly killed off again, which is certainly a downer part to the game to say the least. Not only that, but sometimes after you spawn you are returned to a screen of “spectator mode,” leaving you sitting and watching until you reset the game, and in some cases the console itself.

CoD: AW…The Good?

With so many complaints, is there any good at all to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? The simple answer to that question is, yes. What’s so good if you can’t play? Well, graphics are said to be good, again when you can play, and many have talked about how much they do like some of the new weapons and game modes. Maps are also great (at least graphics wise), say players, and moving from screen to screen is even keeled and smooth.

cod aw fun

Some of the good about Advanced Warfare has actually been good enough to keep a few hard core fans playing through the glitches and the lag, but when we say few, we mean very few Many have actually given up altogether, going so far as to have already returned it to the store and taken a $20-$30 loss on it, while others have asked for a full refund.

One that has asked for a refund is one of our own game writers, Sarah Parfitt (known as Queeny440 on PSN), who initially, like many, liked the game. As for “the good,” she states that she still likes many aspects of it, but with the terrible lag, spectator mode (one of her friends was stuck until the match ended), spawn issues and disconnection problems, she’s given up on the game until there’s a patch that finally solves all of these issues.

Support, Support, Wherefore Art Thou?

Like many players, Sarah did go through PSN support as well as Activision when she first started experiencing problems with the game. She was told what others were, which was that  1) as for PSN, it’s “not their issue” and that “Activision is aware of the problem and is working on it”….until then, restart your console, didn’t fix it? Ok, uninstall and reinstall the game….oh you did that twice and it’s still awful? Ok, well, play in safe mode..still no luck…sorry, just “be patient, it’ll be fixed soon” AND  2) (From Activision support) Lag isn’t really their issue and more of an internet connection issue on the players side, and the other “issues,” more of the same… “just be patient,” as a fix will come eventually.

Like others, our writer also asked for a refund, and like others, a refund request was denied because (the most common reply) “it’s not their servers, it’s the players internet connection.”

Oh No they Didn’t! Oh Yes, they Did!

 youtube game

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Activision was happy to surprise everyone by showing us that it could indeed get worse. What did they do? Well, to say it nicely they didn’t react so well to all the negative publicity going on about the problems with their game and were meanies to some YouTube posters. To say it not so nicely, they reacted like jerks (we’re a PG13 site, so we can’t say what we otherwise may), and according to some YouTube posters, they began picking on the very people that made them as big as they are today by reporting their YouTube videos (those showing CoD Advanced Warfare gameplay glitches and lag) to YouTube so that the video would get pulled.

So, if you have a YouTube channel and you’re posting any of your gameplay of CoD Advanced Warfare in an effort to warn others about the glitches, be aware that you may be targeted by Activision for takedown. According to, Activision has been targeting these videos and reporting them for copyright infringement, something that users say hasn’t been an issue in the past, especially if your video was of course highlighting their games in a good way and not a bad one. 

This has many YouTube users upset because YouTube follows a very strict “3 strikes you’re out policy” so having their video reported can lead to many problems for them, and may even lead to their channel being removed. They then can’t put their channel back up, will lose all of their followers, and are pretty much totally screwed if they were an avid YouTube poster. Are these posters infringing on copyrights though? Probably. Was it, or is it an issue if the game is shown in a favorable way? Not so far as we’ve seen, but maybe they just don’t complain as much.

 Should You Buy Advanced Warfare?

Do we recommend buying Advanced Warfare? No, or at least, not yet. Wait until you can go to Amazon, or even to the CoD Advanced Warfare Facebook page and start seeing multiple comments of “problems resolved.” On both of these sites, click on “newest comments,” otherwise you may be seeing the comments from when it was still well liked in that first week that it came out, or all the negative reviews that came in weeks thereafter.

You’ll want to pay attention to anything after November 22nd should be watched carefully since over the past few days more patches have been being rolled out. Most comments, however, still say that these patches have not fixed the major issues so even as of today (11/22/14), it’s still not at it’s best yet.

*We did include the link below in case you do want to get it now, at least it’s offering a few freebies, which aren’t so great if you can’t play, but will be good when you can play.

Our final 2 cents: From what we have seen, including notes from a few of our own game writers, the game itself will be a lot of fun and worth buying if the all of the issues are fixed, so down the line it may make a comeback and be a big hit. Right now though, the overall opinion seems to be that it came out way too soon. Although this game is set in the future, we regreat that we cannot tell you its future. Will it rise up again to its great heights that it once had before and shortly after its release? Who knows, it may do just that.

For now, all we can do is wait, complain, and wait some more and hope that the gamer gods hear us and fix it sooner rather than later. If you have a special gamer god chant that you use for times like these, share it with us and maybe with all of us doing it, it will make it work, or maybe it will rain, either way, we’d at least being doing something than sitting here twiddling our thumbs staring at a screen that is so kind as to let you know you’re in “spectator mode.”

If you have CoD Advanced Warfare, what do you think about the game? Are you experiencing issues (if so, which platform are you using)? Have you complained, and if so, what did support tell you? We’d love to hear from you, so please comment below or on our Facebook page.

*Very rarely, some players have commented that they are experiencing no issues whatsoever and highly recommend the game. Most of these comments included that they had great internet service and they felt this helped.

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