Buying Your Pet and Pet Supplies From An Online Pet Store

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Buying Your Pet and Pet Supplies From An Online Pet Store

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Buying Your Pet & Pet Supplies From An Online Pet Store

There is no denying that we live in a high tech world, and can do almost anything on-line, from the comfort of our own homes. We can shop on-line, date on-line, go to school on-line. But did you know you can even buy a dog and all the supplies you need on-line?

Picking The Perfect Pet

If you are in the market for a purebred puppy, then the best place to start is the American Kennel Club website. From here you can check out all of the many different breeds of dog and pick the one that is best suited for you and your family. You can then use their puppy finder page to find a reputable  breeder either near you, or nationwide.   They even have a page with tips for finding the perfect puppy, and questions that you should ask the breeders.

If you would rather get an older purebred dog, the AKC also have a great resource for you to find a purebred rescue, or you can use their Parent Club Breeder Referral program. For both puppies and older dogs, they also have an On-line Breeder Classifieds page.

Finding A Shelter

Adopting a puppy, dog, or other animal from an animal shelter can be very rewarding. You are giving a pet a loving home that he may never have found. Finding an animal shelter on-line is very easy, and with many of them you can even browse the pets that need adoption and pick the one you like before you make a trip to the shelter. One of the best resources for finding an animal shelter is Petfinder. On Petfinder you can find information about how to choose the right pet for you, what the adoption process usually entails, and information on the many different types of rescue groups.

When you have browsed all of the information on the website, you can go to their Animal Shelters page and search for a pet by type, breed, and location.  Unlike the AKC website, Petfinder deals in almost all pet types. Including dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs, rabbits, barnyard animals, and much more.

If The Pet You Choose Isn’t Local

If you have found the perfect pet for you, but it isn’t local, you may need to look into traveling to pick the pet up, having the breeder, or owner deliver the pet to you, or having the pet shipped to you.

Of course, the best option is to travel and pick your pet up. This will give you a chance to meet the owner or breeder, and check out their facilities. This can help to assure you that your pet is happy, healthy, and has been well cared for.

Some breeders will also travel to you and deliver your pet, and while this doesn’t give you the option to check out their facilities, you are still able to have one on one contact with the owner and see how they interact with their animals.

As a last resort, there are many pet shipping services available. However, when picking this option, make sure that you check out the service thoroughly to ensure that your pet will be safe, comfortable, and well taken care of during his trip. One reputable pet shipping service that you can take a look at is Animals Away.

On-line Pet Store Supplies

If you have picked your perfect pet, and are in the process of getting him. You will need quite a few supplies, such as food, food bowls, collar, leash, grooming tools, and treats. Of course these are only the essentials and you can also buy a much wider variety of pet supplies from an on-line pet store. 

When purchasing supplies on-line, the choices are limitless. There are literally hundreds of pet stores on-line that sell everything you will ever need. One good on-line pet store that has both dog and cat supplies is the American Kennel Club’s You can buy literally everything you will ever need in the way of supplies from this one place. But they aren’t the only option. Most larger pet stores like Petco and Petsmart have on-line stores as well as local stores.

On-line Pet Store Medications

There will be times when your pet needs medications. Flea meds and worm meds should be given to almost all pets, and depending on your location, you may need to give a monthly heart-worm medication to a dog or puppy.

There may also be a time when your pet needs other types of medications, and most of these can be purchased at an on-line pet store. One great store for pet medication is 1-800-PetMeds, and another is PetRx. With some medications, such as flea, worm, and some heart-worm meds you usually do not need a prescription. But there are some medications that do require a prescription. You can usually still purchase these at an on-line pet store, but will have to get a prescription from your Veterinarian first.

To Sum It Up

As a closing note I would like to remind you that yes, you can purchase your pet and all of the supplies you need at an on-line pet store. But when purchasing a pet, make sure that you have thoroughly checked out the store or breeder first. You want a pet that is happy and healthy and not traumatized in any way.  Preferably pick up your pet, or have the store or breeder deliver it to you, as a last resort, have your pet shipped to you, but make sure that your pet is shipped with a reputable shipping company.

Once your pet has arrived in your home, spend lots of quality time with him to help him become acclimated and feel comfortable, and enjoy the newest member of your family.

THS would love to hear from you! Have you bought a pet on-line? Did you have your pet shipped and if so, did the process go smoothly?  Would you recommend shipping?  Please leave us a comment and check back often for more great articles!

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