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Bluray Player Options: Choosing the Best For Your Money

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Choosing the Best Budget Bluray Player for your Money

Bluray is the next big thing in media and not having a bluray player could mean that you’re missing out on some of the newest movies. While not everyone has one yet, there are plenty of reasons to get a bluray player. First, prices for Blurays are dropping, two years ago the average disc cost somewhere around forty dollars, now the price is closer to that of your average DVD. And now, even a budget bluray player supports HD quality, 1080p (p stands for pixels) and 3D formatting. That means you can see top quality video right from your home. Plus, your average bluray player can play DVD’s; CD’s and can be used as an entertainment and streaming hub for your entire house. Here are your top four best budget Bluray player options you can buy.

LG – BP620 3D Bluray Player

This LG model is definitely a great choice for the money. Not only is this budget bluray player priced under $200 (MSRP $150) but it offers WiFi, Smart TV, 3D support and access to Movie and TV Series streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix. When you add in that this LG features DVD up-scaling, meaning that it helps to improve the quality of your DVD’s, just by playing them. The cons of this bluray player include that the menu system can be a little confusing, and its play speed isn’t that fast. However; the WiFi is extremely fast, so you won’t have any problems while streaming. While the LG certainly isn’t top of the line, it’s a great choice for the price. Buy it here for slightly less than MSRP value.

Panasonic – DMP-BDT220

With an MSRP of only $149, this Panasonic is one of the most popular on the market. The budget bluray player has tons of features including the ability to be controlled via your smartphone (you just have to install the app). It also features 2D to 3D conversion via Viera Connect, and an HDMI cable so you can connect it to your computer that probably doesn’t have play blurays.  The DMP bluray player also features WiFi so that you can stream between all of your devices. Check it out here at about 30% lower than retail price.

Sony – BDP-S590

This player isn’t all that when it comes to performance and technical features, but at a good $50 less than most competing budget bluray players, it’s certainly something to take a look at. Priced at an average of $99, (and less when you check Amazon) the Sony still features what users want most, the ability to play bluray discs. The bluray player also features integrated WiFi, Netflix and Hulu, media remote app for iOS and Android, USB slots, Sony tablet syncing and wireless streaming. The only downside is that some users report processing difficulty on some discs. For the money, this is a great choice and one of the cheapest bluray players available.

Toshiba – BDX5300


Toshiba brands aren’t exactly known for their superb high quality, but they are known for being affordable. If you just want to watch your bluray discs every now and then (instead of every night), then this budget bluray player might be for you. The system features full 3D and HD support, WiFi and streaming, sync to mobile devices, USB ports, tablet remote app and advertises that it will ‘stand out and fit into the décor.’ The MSRP is $132, which for the price I personally would recommend that you choose something else. However; you can find it on Amazon for $102 which makes this budget bluray player worth the money.

There are plenty of great budget bluray player options out there, so if you’re not happy with any of these selections, keep looking. Sometimes you can even find bluray player bundles that include a bluray player with 1-10 free blurays included for no extra cost.