What is BooksRun? A Review of the Used Textbook Website

What is BooksRun? A Review of the Used Textbook Website

BooksRun.com promises to make it easy to list, sell, and buy secondhand college textbooks, potentially saving yourself hundreds on the price of new – or earning you money towards something else (or next year’s textbooks). The website uses an ISBN-based system to price books based on value – preventing over and under selling. Plus, with shipping included in the price, as a seller, all you have to do is print a label and ship your books.

Whether you’re considering buying or selling, it’s important that you know what BooksRun is, how it works, and whether or not you’ll get your books/money. Even secondhand college textbooks are pricey and risking your investment on a strange website is never a good idea.

Luckily, BooksRun has been around for a while and already has an established reputation.

What is BooksRun.com

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BooksRun.com is a secondhand textbook website. The site offers you a flat rate for books, which you can sell all at once, and then ship directly to BooksRun using a prepaid shipping label. BooksRun pays the shipping, and that’s it.

How to Sell on BooksRun.com

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1. Type in the ISBN

2. Check the Quality of the book

3. Sign in with Social Media

4. Add your personal address

5. Accept (or decline) the sale

6. Print the shipping label

7. Pack books and ship them

8. BooksRun.com mails you a check within 14-days of receipt of the books (so within 20 days)

The advantage over using a site like eBay is that you can sell all books at once with no hassle, no negotiation, and no long wait times. The disadvantage is, of course, that you may earn less per book. For example, if it’s a rare or very in-demand book, you may be best off checking prices on multiple book sites and selling them rather than jumping right in. However, BooksRun offers a lot of convenience, which may be well worth the cost of slightly reducing total earnings from sales.

How to Buy on BooksRun.com

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Booksrun.com ships all books from their warehouse in New York. This means that orders are shipped more reliably and likely more quickly than if you purchase elsewhere such as on eBay.

1. Type in ISBN

2. Choose your shipping option

3. Pay using your credit card

4. Wait 3-10 days for your books to arrive

How to Rent on BooksRun.com

BooksRunoffers a unique textbook rental program, enabling you to temporarily rent books for a period of 35-120 days. This process is the same as buying, except BooksRun provides a free return shipping label you can use when you return the book.

Review of BooksRun.com

BooksRun.com is a well-established business. The website has been up since 2013, and with hundreds of reviews for the website and app, it is reliable and relatively easy – with just a few hangups, mostly for sellers, who seem to run into issues with BooksRun processing books.

If you’re selling to BookRun.com

· Some buyers report receiving a reduced quote after shipping the book. Be sure to double check any quotes and get a quote in writing from a salesperson if you are unsure.

· Take pictures of books before sending them in. Some sellers report that BooksRun claims damage to the books that wasn’t there. Photographic evidence of quality will protect you in case this happens.

· Compare quotes. Some sites quote higher than others, and Booksrun does offer one of the higher quotes.

· Get insurance on books

Overall, BooksRun.com has a lot to offer if you’re looking to buy or rent used textbooks. With rates starting as low as $15 for 3 months of rental with free return shipping, it’s also one of the most affordable places to rent textbooks.

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