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BooksRun.Com A Review for Book Sellers 


BooksRun.Com A Review for Book Sellers is a website that promises cash in exchange for your college and university books – offering a quote and a flat rate price based on your book’s ISBN number and condition. This theoretically allows you to quickly and easily offload a large number of college or university books without taking the time to individually list them on sites like eBay where you will have to deal with questions, shipping individual items, fees, and potentially selling the books for less than you wanted.  

However, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into, especially before you put your books in the mail.  

How Does Selling Books to Work?

Once you log onto you can look up your book either via the ISBN or title and click “Sell”. asks for the ISBN to verify the version and then asks for the condition of the book. Once verified, you can go through the sales process, wait for BooksRun to send you a shipping coupon, and then ship the books. sends you a check via the mail within 14 days of receiving your books.  

How Competitive Are BooksRun.Com Quotes? offers highly competitive quotes for used textbooks, typically around 15-30% higher than most competitors. For example, Organic Chemistry (9th Edition) in very good condition is quoted at $93.74 at, $90 at, $90 at Amazon, $40 at Cash4Books, and $33 at BuyBack Express. However, sites like offer as much as $123 so BooksRun has no highest price guarantee, they just average at higher than about 90%+ of competitors.  

What is the Shipping Label? sends you a prepaid shipping label when you sell them a book. You simply put the book in the mail and BooksRun pays the postage costs. However, this can be a disadvantage because you cannot choose tracked and insured shipping, like you would if selling high-value books to another person.  

Review of For Sellers

In theory, is a neat and easy way to get funds for used textbooks, but in practice, the site has numerous flaws, the biggest of which appears to be human error or outright scam depending on how you’re willing to look at their frequent errors.  

For example, many sellers are sent checks much lower than the initial quote, sometimes as little as 25%. With listed reasons such as more damage than expected or even a different book having been sent, the chances of order mix-ups and damage in the post are a possibility. However, has a large percentage of negative reviews for similar errors, with claims of difficulty getting books back, not being paid at all, and in some cases, claims of extreme damage to the books. Many sellers list the items and appear to have no problems at all – so the discrepancies could be either deliberate or due to faulty sorting and labelling. For example, if you were to send books using a shipping label and BooksRun sends the wrong shipping label, their system will confuse who the books are from. However, even with this ‘kind’ perspective, it doesn’t look good for  

If you’re selling secondhand textbooks, there are plenty of places you can go to sell them without risk of mistakes and without potentially getting a small fraction of their value.  For example, you can trade your book in to Amazon for a guaranteed payout from one of the largest and best reviewed book companies on the planet with no risk to yourself.

What’s the Verdict? has a lot of problems but some sellers get a good bargain out of it. If you’re willing to take the risk that you will be one of those who doesn’t, that’s up to you. However, the site has a large enough margin of error that I would personally go elsewhere.